Tuesday, 31 March 2020

7 Ways How Online Education helps to cross barriers : #EducationForAll #CauseAChatter

Education, which was once dependent on teachers and location of education centres has now crossed these barriers. Online education is the powerful magic wand that each student can be benefitted with it. In the #EducationForAll series for #CauseAChatter of Blogchatter initiative, the second post focuses on the aspects of Online Education and how it can cross all the hurdles and help achieve students goal in lives.

1.   No Time Restriction : We always wished for an era where one could learn few concepts again and again where student wanted repeated session of a single chapter to get the concepts cleared. Through Online classes one can do all these very well, repeating the concepts and that too in their most effective time.
We all would agree that few students are morning learners and few are night ones, through these Online education one can cross the time barrier with their feasibility to study.

2.   Bridges the Gap: Online education also bridges the gap of gender, caste, creed and the nationality of any person. There are various parts of the world where girls are not allowed to step out of their homes for higher education as the education centres -schools and colleges are far away from their home. The Online education even fades away such boundaries. Online education doesn’t discriminate under any name , what one has to have is spark of learning and there are plenty  of gates flooded with the knowledge.

3.   Discounted Price of courses: Travelling to the desired university of particular country can be heavy on many pockets as sometimes life time’s income of parents washes away to send their child overseas. But Online education has also taken care of that. One can always choose the course accordingly and also avail huge discounts on online courses. One has to be just dedicated and showcase the will power for online education.

4.   Reaching smaller parts: There are many parts of the world where brilliant students are shining but we also need a good master to nurture their skills and online education does exactly that. Students who used to travel overseas for education are also staying back to learn the same concepts being in their home town.

5.   Sharing of valuable notes and materials easily: If you are online student then making the notes and sharing with your peers is also feasible. There are many online study materials available to help the students for their last minute preparations. One can have access to such valuable notes as they are revised many times to include the minute concepts and are error free. One can access these anytime and anywhere. There are many student forums where students share their experiences and notes as a help to the juniors.

6.   Saving environment: If we are switching to online education then we are also giving contribution towards environment by saving paper and also saving the fuel that’s spent while travelling to the education centre.

7.   Polish your Skills: Online education also helps us to cross the age barrier. Yes many of us left the studies long back and if they would like to polish their skills and upgrade themselves in certain areas then online certifications comes to great help. It also help people to learn new avenues by leaving their inhibitions of the age.

Few popular website portals which are excelling are NPTEL, Coursera, Udemy and few applications who have students attention are Vedantu, BYJU’s and  Unacademy.
Online education has given wings to many people and we are one of them, doing certifications from the comfort of the home with our pace.

In the current scenario where world is under #Lockdown to fight against Coronavirus, many schools and universities are vouching over online education as traditional teaching is not possible. Online education has come as a blessing and a motivation for all students who are staying at home.

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Have you ever taken any online course, how much you benefitted from it?
Are there any more barriers which Online Education crosses, share with us.
Share your thoughts with us in the comments section.



  1. I agree with all your points. Online Education has so many benefits and you have listed all of them, and elaborated each so well.

  2. I agree with you completely! Recently read about some success stories revolving around online education and the impact it made on lives of small town students.

  3. Online Education has plenty of advantages rightfully highlighted by you. Its education everyone can avail of beyond barriers

  4. Yes i learned Photoshop and coreldraw and adobe indesign through online course and I am still working well with the softwares.

  5. I totally agree with you, online education and online learning has come as a blessing during this Coronavirus pandemic. Even before this situation, online learning was helping many around the world. I have done so many courses on Udemy and even got the certifications. And now my 4 year old will be starting formal school from next week with home classes planned by the school.

  6. Yeah. Online education has now a days become very popular among everyone. It helps in getting education at your flexibility which many could not get due to unavoidable circumstances.

  7. Oh yes, online education has grown in leaps and bounds and more so since this corona pandemic. I think it is a wonderful way to learn and is actually a win-win situation.


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