Friday 8 July 2022

Single-use Plastic Ban In India And Its Effect

We enter the second half of 2022, and a big change shakes the nation, that is Single- use of plastic is banned in India. The government of India has banned many items that were part of our daily life from usage. The huge step by the government of India will help the nation to combat plastic pollution. In this blogpost, we shall cover, how the single-use plastic ban affects the nation, how it affects the manufacturers, and what people have to do, with alternatives for plastic things.

Why ban Single-use plastic products?

These items are not recyclable and do not degrade with time. After the usage of these items, they land up in the trash where the landfills are filled. We have to make it a stop sooner or in a few decades, we will be witnessing mountains of plastic near us. The adverse effect of single-use plastic causes severe damage not only to the terrestrial ecosystem but also to the aquatic.

Single-use Plastic Ban In India And Its Effect

Which products are banned in Phase 1 of single-use plastic?

To curb the single-use plastic products that are littered and unmanaged under Waste Management will see its end from July 2022.

The list of banned products is 

  • plastic sticks for balloons, 
  • plastic flags, 
  • plastic candy sticks and ice-cream sticks, 
  • polystyrene (thermocol) for decoration, plates, cups, glasses, 
  • Plastic cutlery such as forks, spoons, knives, straws, trays, 
  • Earbuds with plastic sticks,
  • wrapping or packing films around sweet boxes, invitation cards, and cigarette packets, 
  • plastic or PVC banners less than 100 microns and stirrers.

What is the penalty for violating the ban?

Violation of the ban will lead to charges and penalties on manufacturers, stocking, distributing, selling, and using under Environment Protection Act 1986. According to the act imprisonment of upto 5 years and a fine of upto 1 lakh or both can be charged. A National Control room has been assigned by the Centre to implement the ban effectively and State boards are also actively keeping up with the inspection. 

What are sellers saying about the single-use plastic ban on products?

Sellers are very stressed with the ban and say ‘there is a lot of inventory lying in the warehouses, what can be done. Plus, people are so used to these products that it will take time to change their habits.

What are manufacturers saying about the single-use plastic ban on products?

Manufacturers are asking for an extension till Aug 2022 citing the pandemic hit the market at a low and no jobs will leave the working people jobless in the industry. They want the ideas and products that can be made on the machinery that produced plastic items. 

What the government is saying about the Single-use plastic ban?

Ministry says the announcement of the single-use plastic ban and the list of items was declared the Union Environment Ministry had notified the Plastic Waste Management Amendment Rules, 2021, on August 12, 2021. And it was announced by PM Narendra Modi that the ban would take place in phases and this is phase 1 where few articles are banned. Enough time was given to the manufacturers to switch the industry and look for another product development. Provisions have been made for manufacturers to shift the industry and workshops for the same have been offered.

What the general public says

We talked to friends and relatives on this subject, and all are very keen to switch but they say if the product is available in the market then it is hard to change. Besides all are looking for options that are in the same price range as plastic. But we all know that it will be a little difficult for all the eco-friendly things to be in the same price range. It is a general tendency that people to choose an economical option. But we need to choose a path that will be healthier and greener for our future generation by paying a little extra is more affordable than paying the huge amount that can occur in a near future with the rise of plastic pollution.  

What are the alternatives for single-use plastic items?

Everything has an alternative, and before plastic stepped into our lives, we were still having a life with ease. If we look for an alternative then something or the other crops up and that is how we evolve the change. 

  • Bamboo sticks instead of plastic sticks. This can be used for earbuds, or as a flag.
  • Edible cutlery for thermocol cutlery or single-use plastic products
  • Other cutlery such as steel and glass
  • Steel straws instead of plastic ones
  • Eco-friendly wrapping sheets 

alternatives for single-use plastic items

Final Thoughts

Change is evident in life, and we can make change easy by selecting products mindfully. We can choose products that are easy to degrade and sustainable that shall create a place where we can breathe fresh air without microplastics getting into our respiration system. With the ban on single-use plastic products, we have to create a new lifestyle for us that is bright green. We shall present to you #EnvironmentalTalks with the founders of eco-friendly products and their journey towards the environmental path.  

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  1. I agree with all, The change has to happen and we need to start from our own home, we carry cloth bags, we have steel straws for our daughter and we are teaching them to recycle as far as possible and reuse to reduce waste too

  2. The ban on single use plastics is a welcome step and long due. The challenge will be to implement it and also look at alternate options. Manufacturers also need to be brought under the purview.

  3. Such a great decision. Keeping our environment safe is our duty. We can use steel spoons instead of plastic cutlery. And Bamboos are great always.

  4. Every little bit helps in preservation of nature. Plastic has led to major damage in our eco system and the only way to avoid further deterioration is to go back to old ways before the globalization started.

  5. It is really a wonderful initiative as it can help to save our mother earth. It's really good to see everyone is carrying reusable bags instead of plastic. Nice article 👍

  6. My mom has shared about the single use plastic ban in India in brief few days ago on phone. I was not aware about whole concept. your post has given me a proper insight. indeed it is a great initiative to protect our environment but as you said it takes time to adopt the changes. if all adopt this change positively then it could be a major help in saving our enviornemnt for future generation.

  7. In Mumbai, plastics are totally ban and this is so much required actually across India to save our planet and earth. I am so happy that you have written about it.

  8. Nothing can happen overnight and such steps are needed to save our environment and for our future generations. People do get impacted especially one who are dealing with it but they need to find alternative solutions.

  9. This was long pending but a welcoming change. Though it will take time for people to get used to not using them it will be for their own good

  10. Banning single-use plastic is a great move and I hope we as users take it seriously too. Small steps like these will make a huge difference over time.

  11. Bann on single use is a welcome step and yes much much needed step .but it should be legally enforceable to make this step a success else it will be like many other steps taken earlier which couldn't fetch the fruitful results.

  12. This is quite informative and required post on today's time. we always carry our own bag while shopping.. small gestures count

  13. I totally agree that single use plastic should be banned . But the inventory lying with the manufacturers has to be used. Imagine how many people will become jobless and how many manufacturers will bear losses. I never knew a thermocol comes under this. Very detailed and informative post. I didnt know the details.

  14. I totally agree that single use plastic needs to be banned. But the manufacturers need to dispose of their inventory or will land up with huge losses. Also so many workers will become jobless. I never knew thermacol came into this category. Very detailed and informative post.

  15. I agree, banning plastic is the only way forward if we want to save the environment! i like the alternates you have suggested -slowly and steadily we are also shifting over

  16. This is so true! Plastic ban is one of the few steps in the right direction we have taken. I completely support this but your pointer on so many other industries being affected is eye opening. Very informative!


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