Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Be Bold for Change - Poetry on #WomensDay

We were never silent;
voices were made transient.
ready for responsibilities;
Are you ready to share from her kitty.

Born bold without any hitch;
why many compare and stay in fix.
We are and will be as heart says;
be ready for bold change that essays.

Advices and conditions are plenty;
Rules and regulations are petty.
Girl grows courageously into woman;
Is society ready to see fearless woman.

Change is important in mindset;
Attire and degrees is just a crescent. 
Acceptance of her identity is critical,
Its the need of hour and essential.

This poetry is shared with Poets United for the prompt - Be bold for change on this International Women's Day. We hope this poem reaches to hearts of society who wish to see the change but find it difficult in accepting one.

Wishing all the women in the world "Happy Women's day", wear an attitude of change and enjoy the womanhood to the fullest.

Finally would end this post with a message " Women are no comparison to anyone as they are and will be super one".

@Meenal Sonal


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