Saturday 19 June 2021

Simple tricks to win your Subconscious mind by Geethica Mehra

Today we have in our pocket thoughtful life lessons by Geethica Mehra through her book, Simple tricks to win your subconscious mind.

Book Cover: 

The cover resonates well with the title of the book. It showcases a human brain enclosed in a bulb describing how one can light up the world around with positive thoughts.

What resonates in the book: 

  • The author speaks of the power in our thoughts and how one can control our mind to lead a happy and peaceful life. According to her, our thoughts shape our future and it is very important to divert ourselves from negative thoughts resulting in negative actions. 
  • Training the brain to think constructively and focussing on our goals can only be achieved through constant practice. She also throws light on the difference to understand between the conscious and subconscious mind and how interdependent they are in building our thoughts.
  • Controlling our senses is the most difficult task yet there is nothing in this world that can't be achieved. This motivation by the author is backed with simple tricks that help to take a step forward towards winning our minds.

Striking pointers of the Book:

• The beauty of the book lies in the simple language beautifully expressing the words of wisdom.

• The examples mentioned are relatable and can be practiced well.

• The title of the chapters gives a clear picture of the contents and one can jump to the section that is most desired.

• Also includes bonus chapters on anger management and tricks to overcome them.

What we wanted to look more in the book:

  • The book is full of examples and theories that are relatable, it is just that I wanted the book to have more chapters.
  • The distinction between conscious and subconscious mind should have been more clear.

Final word:

Simple tricks to win the subconscious mind by Geethica Mehra is a self-help book that helps to master our mind. This book goes well with one and all can be read multiple times to practice the tricks to train our mind. 5/5

About the author:

Geethica is a motivational blogger who believes in and practices the power of the subconscious mind. She is a regular student of learning various ways to train the subconscious mind and get the desired results. Her blog Thoughts by Geethica is a compilation of anecdotes and research to win emotions like ego, anger, greed, want, envy and criticism so that you focus only on happiness.

Book Details:

Book Name: Simple tricks to win your subconscious mind

Author: Geethica Mehra

Genre: Self-help book

Format: eBook, pdf version

Pages: 31

Availability: Free book

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  1. Thank you, Meenal/Sonal. I appreciate your time to read my book and honestly review it. I will surely bring more real life experiences to clarify concious and subconscious mind.

  2. Winning our subconscious mind is something we all would like to learn. There is so much that goes on in our subconscious mind that understating it and controlling it can make our thinking clear.

  3. I love geethica's write up and I am sure in this book, she has shared some great tricks to win your sub conscious mind. thanks dear for sharing your honest review. will try to read this book.

  4. I really loved this book and it covers so much about our subconscious mind which I learned from this book.

  5. Geethica's book is next on my list too dear, yet to read will definitely come with my reviews soon. Not to mention your review is pushing me to fasten my reading level.


  6. Omg this is a book for me. I am an absent minded and have to get hold of my subsconcious mind.Thanks for introducing the book

  7. I have read this book and reviewef it as well. I think it is the must read book as we know it all but unsure of the reasons and this book have shared reasoning of our thinning process with some very simply and relatable examples.

  8. I am sure this book is an interesting read and I would love to read and understand my subconscious mind a but better.

  9. In these tough times its indeed important for us to stay sane and such self help books can really prove to be helpful. I shall definitely check this one for myself.

  10. tell me about it.. i so so badly need this book, My subconscious mind sometimes take me for a ride. Thanks for the suggestion

  11. Self help books can be really life changing. It takes some time to settle with such books but they help with inner growth. This book seems really nice

  12. I have been following Geethica's blog for a while now, and have always found her articles to be insightful. How delightful to read your review and learn about her new book. will definitely check this out.

  13. It seemed to be great self book . They are indeed good for self growth. Nice review



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