Saturday 12 June 2021

Learn how to restore environment from Peepal Baba: #EnvironmentalTalks highlights

The environment needs to be restored and we all need to contribute towards this cause proactively, to understand how we common person can be part of this change; we invited Peepal Baba of Give Me Trees Trust in the #EnvironmentalTalks in Instagram Live to understand the current situation of the tree plantation and ways one can be part of it.

Peepal Baba & Give Me Trees Trust 

Azad Jain, popularly known as Swami Prem Parivartan, took yoga and meditation classes in the evening, and later, he started being called Peepal Baba as he and his trust has planted more than 1 crore Peepal trees in the nation.

His journey began on a simple note by following his class 4 teacher to plant the trees and later his maternal grandmother to look after the planted trees. The journey that began in class four continued from then and was no stopping for him for 44 years. 

Give Me Trees was started as a school project then later on when volunteers started getting associated it was formed into the trust. Nationwide more than 2 million trees are planted by them and they are sure to bring the change.

Snippets from the Peepal Baba Interview:

Can trees be grown in surroundings where concrete buildings are flourishing:

Peepal Baba suggests that trees can be planted in any conditions, skill, and expertise is required. He suggests that trees will shallow roots and fewer heights can be planted in the housing society and in the land where there is plenty of space, then trees with deeper roots such as Peepal and Neem can be planted.

Do homegrown plants come under the green cover of the nation:

He says green cover does not include plants grown in pots but that helps us to keep ourselves calm and responsible towards our duty to the environment.

Why should we have plants at home?

Yes, we should have plants at home as the future generation is watching us and they will see the effort that goes into parenting the plant. In the future when the kids become decision-makers they will not harm any trees and will not favor deforestation. Children will be more empathetic towards nature.

An effective way to learn about Environment

Peepal Baba conveyed that traveling is the best way to learn more about nature and being close to nature spots one can understand the pros of the tree plantation.

The best way to learn about the environment is to travel says, Peepal Baba. 

Peepal Baba applauded the Indian forest department and said it is one of the best in the world and with the help of the government we can turn many barren lands into green patches.

Catch the entire captivating episode by Peepal here.

Hope you all have key takeaways from the interview and will work towards environmental restoration. More details can be available at the Peepal Baba website 

You can reach him at or 

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