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It must've been Love by Mayura Amarkant: Love story in poems

Books can give you the required solace you are looking for and if it is a poetry book then the words resonate with you for much longer. Today we have a poetry book titled ‘It must've been Love’ by Mayura Amarkant that has resonated with us effectively.

Book Title & Book Cover

The book cover has a heart with a bandage that showcases that poems have the emotion of loneliness, separation, and longing that fits the subtitle very well. And the book title makes the reader intrigued as it is a sentence that is reassuring to self and questions at the larger perspective.

Book with narration twist:

The book is one of its kind where the love story moves forward with a series of beautiful and heart-warming poetry combined with prose in each section. Love envelopes myriad emotions at various statures of life and the author has woven emotions in the form of free verse poetry.

Love for poetry

The story flows in the prose part and all the emotions are expressed poetically in the poetry section.

The book is divided into six parts and each part depicts the stage of Meera and Keshav's life.

The relationship between Meera and Keshav is complex and it is very well depicted in the poetry too.

The free-verse poetic lines make readers feel the pain of loneliness that Meera is going through at that particular phase.

The choice of words in the book will make the readers laugh and cry with Meera.

Snippet from the poetry titled Broken Threads

A minor problem takes a major course,

and chaos prevails all around,

what do you do my friend,

when confusion leaves you bound?

What we looked more in the book:

The flow of the poetry with emotion is a delight to read and we looked more of it, so we wanted the prose also in poetic style. 

The story in a poetic manner would have been the best version of it.

The prose and the poetry mixture though grasps attention, it takes time for the readers to switch from story to poetry mode.

The feelings of Keshav were not expressed in the poetry and I looked for it, as a reader one wants to know what Keshav must be feeling for Meera.

Final Word:

Read how the love story of Keshav and Meera unfolds in the prose and poems with the perspective of Meera. Dive into the romance set in the ’90s and the rush of emotions of teenagers flowing with honesty where each expression and breath has been captured by the author Mayura Amarkant in 30 plus poems with an appropriate launching pad as prose to each section. If you are poetry admirer and wish to read poems on each aspect of love, then this book is for you. 4/5

About the author:

Mayura Amarkant is an entrepreneur, blogger, promoter of a theatre group and a prominent writer. She is a psychology graduate and a post graduate in Human Resources & has a Masters in Neurolinguistic Programming. Mayura is a doctoral student with a research interest in Women & Leadership. Her blog, DiaryOfAnInsaneWriter, is among the top lifestyle blogs in India and attracts visitors from over 125 countries. She is a proponent of live art and promotes talent through the Karwan Theatre Group, Mumbai. Armed with over 2 decades of experience, Mayura has written education-related cover features for top newspapers. She has compiled study material, edited coffee-table books, novels, brochures and articles. Her scripts have given form to many corporate movies. She has also curated content for a web series. Even today, she continues to ghost-write for many corporates. 

Book Details:

Book Name: It must've been Love 

Author: Mayura Amarkant.

Genre: Romantic Fiction, Poetry

Format: ebook, pdf version

Pages: 46

Availability: At Blogchatter Library for free

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  1. This is such a balanced review. It gives us a glimpse into the theme, makes us curious enough to want to read it and also shares what could have been better. Going to pick this book up on your recco.

  2. Now I am curious to read this book as you reviewed it superbly. Earlier I had read blogs written by Mayura and this time it is great to know her this side too. :) Thank you for sharing the review.

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  4. First of all, I am really amazed seeing the narration format of the story. This is really something different from other books. I loved how the author has chosen the protagonists' names, Meera and Keshav. Have downloaded the book, shall read it soon. A lovely, short yet crisp review of the book. Loved how you have highlighted the important points in the review.

    - Swarnali Nath

  5. Very thorough and nice review…a good book takes us on a beautiful journey..this one seems to be doing that.. definitely going to read this book out

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  22. This looks like a book to read. Generally authors avoid mixing prose with poetry. It seems the author has accomplished this difficult task. I will surely check it out. Madhu.

  23. This looks like a book to read. Generally authors avoid mixing prose with poetry. It seems the author has accomplished this difficult task. I will surely check it out.

  24. I am not good in poetry but this really seems pretty good!

  25. Such an apt & minus all the frills book review. I’m actually looking forward to reading the book . Thanks to your review , you got me curious to read amalgamation of prose & poetry.

  26. Such an apt & minus all the frills book review. I’m actually looking forward to reading the book . Thanks to your review , you got me curious to read amalgamation of prose & poetry.

  27. I love Mayura's writing style also downloaded her book, your honest review pushing me to give it a read as soon as possible. Thanks for sharing it.


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