Tuesday 15 June 2021

The Story of STORY : Learn all about Story & its elements by Ravish Mani

We all might have read many stories or watched them on our favorite platforms but, has anyone ever thought about what is the story behind each STORY. Today we have a book Story of a STORY, by Ravish Mani explaining how STORIES become engaging.

Book Title & Book Cover:  

The Story Of STORY will make readers pick the book to know more about how and why people like stories as the subtitle also goes ‘why people read stories’. This subtitle is catchy to reader and especially an upcoming writer to pick the book. The cover is simple and asks readers as to why someone reads stories?

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What is in the STORY:

The author has indeed done great research to bring us the story of a STORY. Yes, You read it right. We all must have read many stories but what goes behind creating them makes each story unique. Storytelling is with us for generations yet it is not each one's cup of tea.

This book is all about how a story slowly and steadily evolved and what factors were involved in its evolution. The author has taken us on a ride to explain how the story originated and the different facets it had to take for an engaging read. 

According to the author, the tiff between our assumptions and reality is one of the reasons for stories to evolve. The author explained how a story takes its shape from a very raw thought from shaping the protagonist to reaching the climax. All this requires reassessing and adding a base nature to all the characters to convey the right message to the audience.

The Journey of STORY so far:

  • Simple language and day-to-day examples presented in the book helped reach the point to the readers.
  • Simple examples from Bollywood and Hollywood movies helped in absorbing the concepts easily.
  • The connection of stories from our ancient times to the concepts to date is explained very well.
  • The book kept me engaged till the end, maintaining the curiosity to know more about shaping good stories. 

What we wanted to look more in the book:

Though the author had to write an entire book in 2 days, we looked for a book cover more relatable to the book.

More examples to understand the concept would help readers to improve their writing.

Final Word:

The story of a story is a book that will resonate with all the writers who always wanted to entertain their readers with impactful stories. A STORY speaks if it has a spark and what goes into building such stories is what the book is all about. The concepts presented are well researched with apt explanations. 

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About the Author: 

Ravish Mani is a life adviser and story consultant. He’s known in the blogosphere for his spiritual approach, analytical abilities, multidimensional perspectives, and helping nature. He is an introvert but always ready for meaningful interaction. He lives a simple life & is fascinated by the human mind. He believes you don’t read a book, you read a mind. He loves reading books, and through books, the mind of their authors. To know more about him, get in touch with him. 

Book Details:

Book Name: The Story of STORY 

Author: Ravish Mani

Genre: Guide book

Format: ebook, pdf version

Pages: 47

Availability: Free book

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  1. What an interesting title! Absolutely a new approach by the author to exhibit the development of a story. I will certainly read this 📕 in a few days when I get some leisurely moments.

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    - Swarnali

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  19. This one seems like a book to read. I will surely pick it soon. I really like how you divide the review into bite size pieces.

  20. This one seems like a book to read. I will surely pick it soon. I really like how you divide the review into bite size pieces.

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