Wednesday 23 June 2021

Homeopathic treatment for Common Diseases book by Dr. Surbhi Prapanna

Health is one factor in life which we have taken seriously in last two years and we all now understand its value in life. Being healthy and building immunity is everyone’s priority in the world today. In every day to day life, we face common diseases and there are many cures to them. Today we have a book that shares the homeopathic treatment of most of the common diseases and infections. “A2Z of Common Diseases and their Homeopathic treatment’ authored by Dr. Surbhi Prappana”.

Book Cover:

Book cover essays what to expect in the book, with three symptoms pictures at the top and homeopathic medicines in the bottom is perfect to showcase the disease and treatment of the same is present in the book.

Homeopathy medicines - MeenalSonal

26 chapters -26 remedies

  • Each chapter of the book, makes you feel as though the doctor is explaining each factor of the disease from the scratch.
  • This book helped me start believing in the slow procedure of the homeopathy that is effective in the long term.
  • The chapters cover diseases to baby, young, old, and woman-specific too which makes it a complete package book for any family member to understand about diseases.
  • All the chapters have detailed analysis that makes the reader put faith in the book.
  • Author, states at the starting of the book that each treatment is advisory and cannot be consumed without prior intimation of the doctor.

Prominent features of the book:

  • Dr.Surbhi, the author has explained each disease and its symptoms in detail and also explains the common reasons for it, and offers the medicine.
  • For chapters such as Baby Colic, the author has also explained how to give medicine, which shows the depth of effort that has been given to compile the book.
  • The language used in the book is kept simple by the author and medical terminology is used where it has to be used.
  • Each chapter has a diagram that makes the reader understand the problem modestly.

What we wanted to look more in the book:

  • The FAQ section should be placed before chapters, sharing this section before the chapters gives the readers confidence in reading the book further.
  • Navigation can be made easier by making the links clickable, so that reader can easily reach the desired page.

Final Word:

A health-related book that deals with most of the common diseases and infections, this book can become a handy guidebook to understand the treatment homeopathy provides and also will make readers understand the depth and root cause of each problem. If you want to grasp the facts of homeopathy and the way it works on human body then this is the perfect book for you. 4.5/5

About the Author:

Dr. Surbhi Prapanna is a homeopathic therapist by profession and a writer and blogger by passion. She has more than 4 years of professional writing experience and her work had been published on various prestigious online platforms. Health, parenting, and creative activities for kids are her niche. And she shares her areas of expertise and parenting experience on her blog 

Book Details:

Book Name: A2Z of Common Diseases and their Homeopathic treatment

Author: Dr. Surbhi Prappana

Genre: Health& Wellness

Format: eBook, pdf version

Pages: 141

Availability: Free book

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  1. Thank you so much Meenal and Sonal for this wonderful review of my book. I am so glad you liked it. will surly keep all suggestions in mind shared by you. thanks again, you support means a lot to me.

  2. I have read the posts from Surbhi's book and I liked her in-depth research on each of the common diseases. She has covered everything in an easy and understandable language.

  3. I have downloaded and read this book, it is one among the best book which is must to have at home. I am happy she has covered each and every medical problem with all well researched content.

  4. Surbhi's book is in my next TBR. your review has Piqued the interest in starting off the book.well articulated review

  5. Having read Surbhi's posts as a part of a2z I must say that you have done 100% justice to the book. It is also helpful for Surbhi to improve herself

  6. I call Surbhi's book an encyclopedia of Homeopathy. Surbhi has done pure justice with this book, I have read and reviewed. Your honest review once again affirmed my belief on Homeopathic Treatment.


  7. I have read and reviewed this book as well. Surbhi being a homeopathic practitioner herself this book Has lots of authenticity and must go to guide for homeopathic treatments. I garment's seen such a detailed and information book... A big round of applause for her initiative towards humanity.

  8. This is a very good review written by you guys. I have read many chapters from this book during A2Z and loved how it helps with homeopathic treatment for common ailments.

  9. I've read snippets of this book and I must say that the suggestions and information mentioned can be really useful and this book is a proper guide.

  10. Surbhi's posts are all quite informative. So a collection of her posts would be a treasure. I loved how you have reviewed.

  11. Homeopathy is really helpful in long term. I started out with immunity kit for Aarav and have seen a difference.

  12. very helpful article. i know these are common problems that everyone faces and your this article is helpful to know what is the right homeopathic treatment for them.

  13. I've read Dr Surabhi book and reviewed it also. It is complete guide about common ailments and their treatment



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