Thursday 17 June 2021

Celebrate #FathersDay with these 7 Children movies

Father and child relationship is as special as mother and child, we can say it with confidence as we share a special bon with our father. The Father’s Day celebration, gives us a chance to express ourselves to our idol in life. A father, who speaks everything through his eyes and gestures, though reacts less but is the person who cares the most and teaches us great values. A child feels safe under his protection and can explore the world under him. A brilliant quote says it all, "I cannot think of any need in childhood as strong as the need for a father's protection”. - Sigmund Freud

Though less spoken and expressed the bond of father and child is brilliantly showcased in these movies and all are perfect to watch over the weekend with kids, these animated movies are essaying the emotions that can make you cry and laugh with the expressions.

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The Good Dinosaur: 

The son Arlo tries to prove to his father that he is also a responsible kid like his siblings and takes responsibility to save the grains heap. But when he fails, he is disappointed and walks towards the river, sudden cyclone washes away from his father, and Arlo is left alone amid the jungle, where he overcomes all the barriers remembering his father's advice. The way the bond is showcased is worth watching. Arlo also saves a human child Spot and makes sure he is reunited with his family.

Finding Nemo: 

Well, we all have a soft corner of Nemo who by mistake gets into the waves and travels so far that he is alone without his father. Here again, we see the overprotective dad worried for his son and the search for him and the rescue mission makes the entire movie a relatable tale.

Hotel Transylvania:

Well, the bond of father and child is not limited to only humans even Dracula and other world have beautiful relation and this is showcased in Hotel Transylvania where the father played by Drac wants to check every parameter of a human boy has fallen for her daughter Mavis. It is dearing to see the father-daughter duo doing all sorts of things that humans do.

Ice Age: Continental Drift

This is the most loved series of movies, we enjoy as a family. Be it friendship or the love of the extinct species this is always a thrill to watch. In the continental drift, the daughter Peaches is finding her way of life and wants to be left alone to explore which is a new experience to her, and daddy Manny does not want to believe that his daughter is already grownup.


The story begins when the daughter Eep Crood wants to see the daylight and ant to follow the sun. Father, Grug always builds the protective gear and doesn't allow her but one day she decides to follow the light. How on the journey she gets her family out of the danger following her instinct and her father also starts believing in her by showing trust. This movie is so well characterized that we always have a laugh and teardrop at few moments.

Charlie & the Chocolate Factory:

Willy Wonka has a huge chocolate factory with all the amenities and he takes 5 children on the tour of his factory. At the end of the tour Charlie, makes Willy Wonka think of his actions and the root of his behaviour, and then Willy Wonka visits his father. And the bond that is shared with few sentences is very emotional and tells the entire story of trust and longingness.

Lion King:

The “Hakuna Matata”, phrase has changed the way we tackle tough situations. Lion King Mufasa tries to teach his son Simba all the elements of being the king. In a mishap Mufasa is dead and Simba feels he is responsible for his death and goes far away from the kingdom but later when he resonates his father's voice in himself he returns to save his kingdom and rule with affirmatory as his father did.

In all these movies, one common aspect is the life lessons given by the father are deeply rooted in the child's heart and the father is overprotective to their child and wants to cover them from all the mishappening in the world but later on get to know that child can handle situations on their own. Learnings from father are always extraordinary and marked in the heart. Choose one movie and have a gala time with your father and shower all your love this day.  You can also visit the best Father's Day Quotes post to dedicate to your father. 

Is there any movie, you would like to add in the list ?

Do you remember someone when you watch a movie?

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  1. Lion King and Charlie and the chocolate factory are absolute favourites!
    - Leha

  2. Great Suggestions of books for kids, I am definitely going to pick some. I was looking for something good reads for my kiddos and your post came at so right.

  3. I personally love each one of these movies you have included in your Father’s Day list! My son is a bit young for a few of these though!

  4. It is always great to watch a movie with your kid or dad as the case may be. This is a fine selection of movies there, my personal favourites are Chocolate Factory and Lion King.

  5. I have not watched croods. Would surely love to watch. Charlie & the Chocolate factory is such a delightful watch

  6. Most of these movies are absolute favourites of my daughter, me and my husband. Ice age being our most loved.

  7. What an amazing list of movies. We have seen all the movies and my kids soecully love the Lion king and the good dinosaur and hotel transylvania.
    Fabulous movies these are.

  8. I was searching for few more movies . We have almost watched all the movies . Will definitely watch these.


  9. I have watched the lion King, Charlie and the chocolate factory and ice age. And I think I will pick up the croods for tonight

  10. The list is fantastic. Father's day or not, you need to watch these with your little one.

  11. I loved the good dinosaur so much. Watching animated movies is super fun. Thank you for sharing this list of amazing movies. I would love to watch Charlie and the chocolate factory :)

  12. Excellent list! We have watched most of them. Our favorite has to be the Good Dinosaur. It was so good!

  13. This is a lovely list for any father and child. indeed as a mom I would love to see them all too! :-D


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