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Learn Skill in A 2 Z of Image Management by Swati Mathur

The way we portray ourselves is the way the world looks up to us and the impression we are creating to the world must be correct. Today we have a book that speaks volumes on Image Management, the book is ‘A 2 Z of Image Management, Guide to create your own brand’ by Swati Mathur.

Book Cover:

The cover of the book is simple by having a girl in simple clothes and wearing the hat yet it is striking the attention with the way she holds the hat with an attitude and confidence. From the cover, we get to know we are going to learn about simple yet effective tips of image management.

Image Management: Skill for all

  • Author, Swati Mathur very brilliantly has divided the image management topics into 26 chapters and this makes it a perfect guidebook for any person to understand about the impression.
  • This book is for all, teenagers who wish to understand the various elements of styling, for professionals who want to know about how their clothing affects their impression in the team, and also for the homemakers who want to look different in the same routine.
  • In the chapters, Harmony in Element of Design and Optical illusions of the design the concepts of lines, texture, and pattern are explained in a detailed manner that makes a person understand the look one wants to create.
  • The various factors such as our body shape, our face shape, the kind of accessories, layers in clothing, color elements, pattern design all build a huge image at the final stage. Each of the factor and numerous techniques on each factor is present in the book.
  • The book has also chapters that discuss how to do shopping, how to make arrange wardrobe, and how fashion trends work. 

Noteworthy pointers:

  • The author focuses on dressing the way one feels comfortable and at the same time can use this guide to look themselves worthy.
  • The explanation provided by author Swati Mathur in each chapter makes the reader understand the in-depth of the fashion, style statement, and image management.
  • The positive tone of the book makes one believe that change is progressive and can be started at any point in life with minimum clothing and accessories.
  • Author, Swati Mathur also instills self-confidence through this book and gives a ray of hope to all the aspirants who wish to understand image management and apply in life.
  • Real-life examples are also shared by the author that adds charm in the book to believe the positive changes that are bound to happen when the pieces of advice in the book are applied in real life.

What we wanted to look more in the book:

  • Navigation can be made easier by making the links clickable, so that reader can easily reach the desired page.
  • More images that explain the difference in the dressing before and after applying the tips in the book. It will make readers resonate with the solutions provided in the book. 

Final Word: 

If you are looking for positive change in the way you feel powerful in your dressing and wish to create a lasting first impression on others then this book is a perfect guidebook for you. The language and the explanation in the book are relatable and easy to understand for all age groups of readers. Plenty of factors are presented in the book to convey how numerous elements of image management work and how one can wear a hat of self-confidence and face the world with a smile and hope. Grab this book ‘A2Z of Image Management’ soon and appreciate each element of image management. 4.5/5

About the Author: 

Swati Mathur is a Certified Image Consultant and NABET certified life skills trainer, she believes in ABC of life, where A stands for Appearance, B for Behavior, and C for Communication Skills. All these three elements improve the probability of success in people’s life. As an Employability and job coach, she has trained 2000+ students and successfully placed them across various industries. As an EQ Coach, she helps her clients to master their emotions, reduce stress, and develop Emotional Intelligence. She believes in empowering and enabling people to become the best version of themselves. She blogs at . 

Book Details:

Book Name: A2Z of Image Management

Author: Swati Mathur

Genre: Non-fiction, Self-help How-to Book

Format: eBook, pdf version

Pages: 76

Availability: Free Image Management book

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  1. Thank you so much for writing such a wonderful review of my book. I am glad you could resonate with it and feel that it can add value in people's life too. Thanks for some valuable suggestions will incorporate them.

  2. It looks like Swati is imminently qualified to write this book. Your review has brought out all the aspects of this book. It is a must for everyone who wants to improve their self-image.

  3. This book is one of my favourite even I feel that it has so well explained and shared how to get a positive change in your life.

  4. I am a big fan of Swati's writing and her explaining style. She picks simple topics and present it. It reflects her deep knowledge about this field.

  5. Loved your review dear. I have also read and reviewed Swati's book last week and had a great learning experience with this book. indeed, it is great book for learning art and science behind Image management.

  6. Our image matters a lot in our day to day life and it pays to create an impressing image. I am quite interested in reading this book to gain more knowledge about Image management.

  7. I'm onto this book and I'm sure it helps one to create a positive image. Great review and glad to know about image management.

  8. Image building and management is very very important in today's time and world and this book is like a perfect guide to all. I will be sharing it with my niece who is growing n stepping into the real world now.

  9. I have read this series in blog format now will download and read it as a book too. Useful information.

    - Ujjwal Mishra MywordsMywisdom


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