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Book review : Club you to Death by Anuja Chauhan :Delhi club Murder story

Reading fiction books takes us to a world where we temporarily forget the present world. Well, this book Club you to Death by Anju Chauhan takes you to Delhi club and its sequences in a very interesting way. We are thankful to the Writersmelon for sending us the review copy in exchange for the honest review.

Book Title & Book Cover:

The book title ‘Club you to Death’ will grab the attention as the story has been set in the Delhi Turf Club and the murder happens in the club gym, later on when you are in the middle of the book, you understand the catch of the word ‘Club’ too. 

The book cover has the title at the center and the club building beneath and the one thing that grabbed my attention is the 3D effect of bloodstain on the book, it is engrossed on the cover and you can feel the blood spots. I would say brilliantly designed for the murder mystery plot.

Murder Mystery Plot:

The story begins with Brig. Dogra family visit the club and the next day the gym trainer Leo is found dead, the Crime Branch chief ACP Bhavani has been called to solve the case in few weeks as this is high profile club and many fingers are being pointed to renowned persons. When the investigation begins ACP finds many loopholes in the club and also comes to know the past of the people which they are trying to silently shun under the carpet. All the interconnections of the people lead to many investigations that help the ACP to unravel the mystery in the end.

Characters shining in the story:

Each character is unique in the story and the characterization is done superbly that once you build an image of General Mehra, Akash Dogra, or Bambi Todi, they are imprinted till the end.

ACP Bhavani has a peculiar accent and traits to convince people and that is depicted well, chapter after chapter.

The characters Ganga, junior inspector Pawan, Shalini also grab the attention of the reader and the way they support the story is appreciated.

One character that I will not forget in near future is Akash Dogra, aka Kashi who is the hands-on person to each character and who has the most of the dilemmas in life.

Brilliant narration style:

Author Anuja Chauhan has marvelously narrated the story with multiple characters.

The way the spelling is twisted according to the accent of the character makes you say the dialogues aloud and live the story. For example, not is written as nat in a dialogue ‘not appropriate Madam’.

Delhi club culture and the politics that go behind the position of the President post are also presented in a superb way.

When you try to run away from your past shows up. This theme has been the core of the story and each character is associated with this theme and threads are woven into a plot that makes you remind 

Pointers that keep you hooked to Club you to Death by Anju Chauhan:

Can Delhi Turf Club president position be so strong that a person tries to kill another

Akash Dogra who starts helping the ACP in the investigation gets dragged into it as his past also unfolds.

Can a gym instructor know the secrets of people that can lead to his death?

Will ACP close the case on the orders of his Chief or completes his investigation faithfully.

Hitch in the story:

Few dialogues had slang that is not advisable for teenagers reading and I was not comfortable reading it. I guess the plot and story demanded it but I had a disconnect at few places because of this reason.

About the author Anju Chauhan:

Anuja Chauhan went to school in Meerut, Delhi and Australia. She has worked in advertising for over fourteen years and has created many popular ad campaigns, including 'Nothing Official About it', 'Yeh Dil Maange More' and 'Oye Bubbly' for brand Pepsi. She is currently Executive Creative Director and Vice-President at J. Walter Thompson Advertising.

Book Details:

Book Name: Club you to Death

Author Anju: Chauhan

Publisher: Harper Collins

Genre: Mystery 

Format: Paperback

Pages: 423

Availability: At leading stores and Amazon, Flipkart

Rating: 4.3/5


  1. As usual amazing review dear. I am a big fan of your book reviewing style and loved the way you express each point with proper details. I agree the blood spot on cover page is so interesting and attract the attention of readers immediately. also, agree with use of slang language in dialogue. I also do not feel comfortable with use of such kind of language.

  2. I love reading mystery genre, it keeps audience attention hooked till the end, this seems to be an interesting read, thanks for the details review

  3. Thanks for sharing this honest review about the book. I love reading such books. And after your review I am definitely going to read this book for sure.

  4. This murder mystery book with its setting in Delhi would make an interesting read. Shall grab a copy.

  5. Club you to death is a terrible title. The book has a wonderful plot and also the narration style along with the presentation of the characters are well done and amazingly portrayed.

  6. Being a fan of mystery novels, I was immediately drawn by this review. The book seems to be in the classic whodunnit mould. The plot too seems to hold the interest of the reader.

  7. I really liked this honest review of this book. It does seem like an intriguing piece to get hold off. I am not much into reading crime and thriller, prefer watching them more. And I agree with you the book shouldn't have slangs as teenager and young adults do read such books.

    What I loved the most was the way you have reviewed the book. It was too the point and tells everything one wants to know before buying a book.

  8. I am a big fan of murder mystery and thrillers. Would love to read this book too.

  9. I am a huge fan of Anuja Chauhan's books, and gifted it to my mother-in-law for Mother's Day. After her, my husband is reading it and I'm next in line! So excited!

  10. The title sounds super interesting and so does the plot! A big fan of Anuja Chauhan here.

  11. Wow I didn’t know that Anuja Chauhan had released a new book. Would love to grab Club you to Death as soon as I can so I can read it.

  12. I have read 2 of Anuja Chauhans books and really like her writing style. I am going to get my hands on this book soon too.

  13. Your review of the Club you to Death by Anuja Chauhan is on point as always. Given the flaws in the storyline as mentioned by you, I'll perhaps give this one a miss.


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