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Book review : Zoravar journey from Dacoit to Film star

Reading books is the best way to divert oneself from the current situation, as it takes us to the world that has happiness. This book review is a part of the #BookChatter of Blogchatter and all the views expressed are honest, we received the book in exchange for the review.

Book title & Book cover:

Zoravar, the single name book title without any subtitle makes it sure to the reader that the book is about the character Zoravar and the story revolves around him. The picture of Zoravar with a background of a vintage car, tells the reader the book is set in the past. Simple and catchy font, which was used in the film titles around 60 years ago also hints the story will revolve around cinemas.

zoravar maharsh shah- MeenalSonal

Story of Zoravar 

Zoravar is a handsome boy who is Sikh, much love with her mother, and takes care of his siblings lovingly. He is shifted to Amritsar after partition and accidentally falls in hands of the dacoit sultan. Zoravar's dream of entering the film line seems shattered, but he successfully comes from the past shadows to reach Bombay city with his friend. Successfully is what Zoravar thinks, yet the past looms on it.

After reaching Bombay, he witnesses the struggle to even meet the directors, and how he clinches his visits to the director’s office in various studios is a catchy part of the story. Later he gets a chance in films, but will his films work well or Zoravar struggles for the goals in life forever.

Why pick the book ZORAVAR:

If you are in love with Bollywood, then this book is perfect for you to read.

A reader can closely get the nuances of how the film industry works and what used to go behind the scenes 60 years ago.

The ego of the film stars and the reality in their life is what this book takes you to surprise.

How life changes once the star tastes the success is also portrayed well and the plight of producers and their boundaries also knitted smartly with the story-line

Standing applause pointers

  • The story is divided into 8 parts and the titles of the parts are in sync with the famous Hindi film songs that set the mood for the part.
  • Each part has a well-framed structure and talks about an era and the characters Santosh, Makhhan, Pasha, and Bir have their journey with Zoravar.
  • The best part of the story is that while reading the book one may feel Zoravar was truly part of the Hindi cinema fraternity and had the movies along with the stars Dilip Kumar & Dev Anand.
  • The details of the characters are strong and build the image very sharply in the reader's mind, which makes the plot intense.
  • Relation of Pasha & Zoravar friendship is well tested from time to time and each time they meet the bond gets stronger.


  • Few instances, where the set description and the technicalities got me to turn the page as I did not want so many details, and wish to knew what happened to Zoravar.
  • Brother Bir could have pitched in earlier parts too, so that his jealously could be more relatable.
  • Book concludes in a manner, where the reader is left unsatisfied at the end, though it is mentioned it will be covered in the second book will have the continuation.
  • This book too could have an end where the reader would smile with Zoravar and not cry.

Final word: 

Zoravar is the book, where the hero is made after a lot of hard work. Zoravar has to lead many lives in his life and has lived to the bullets to cut on the face to reach the stage, he is today. Get submerged in the story where the plot is majorly based on Hindi cinema and its functionalities. Witness the journey of making a star and the struggles behind it.

About the author : Maharsh Shah

Maharsh Shah has worked extensively with major movie studios as part of their creative development and commissioning teams. He lives and works in Mumbai but would prefer to migrate to the hills and run a tavern-cum-bookstore instead.

Book Details: 

Book title: Zoravar

Author: Maharsh Shah

Genre: Fiction, drama

Publisher: Harper Collins

Pages: 329, Paperback

Availability: Amazon & other leading e-commerce websites.

Rating: 3.5/5

Keep reading books, keep yourself positively busy and take care.

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  1. This is one of the best book reviews I have ever read. Loved how you mentioned about the standing applause pointers and retake. Coming to the book then yes, it sounds like an interesting read. I liked the title of the book.

  2. Oh looks like a fun Bollywood film in a book. 8 parts is interesting. I should try getting my hands to this to read for fun once I finish all my other books.

  3. First the title and main plot of sounds so interesting to me. and I loved the way you have reviewed it. you had covered all points so well with proper detailing. I agree it is ok to have a second part of book is upcoming but ending should be satisfactory for readers in first part too.

  4. I had not heard of this book but it seems like a fun and interesting read. I will check it out for sure. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Yes the book is truly an ode to the movies and film lovers world over. I agree the end could have been more complete.

  6. I am a Bollywood buff and I would like to know more about how the film industry works. Gonna grab this book during weekends and relax myself.

  7. I do love watching bollywood and then your review makes it so appealing to check this book right away.

  8. sounds like an interesting book, though not an era or genre that i am personally interesting in, but it seems to be well written and would be a fun read.

  9. Thanks for the honest review. This looks to be an interesting read for a film buff like me. I would love to know Zoravar's story from being a dacoit to a star.

  10. This seems a nice read to me . I am gonna check out this book . And also I agree that the end is kind of incomplete.

  11. This looks like a fun read and being a Bollywood lover I am sure I will enjoy reading it. Will try this book.


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