Monday 17 May 2021

Old age formula for Skincare with Deyga products

Self-care is the notion we all have learned so well in past one year, and with the rise in numbers in pandemic we are sure to stay indoors for another year or so. Staying at home and with all the activities done by yourself, we also need to take care of the skin by ourselves. With saloon and parlor services to a halt, we have to take care of our skin regularly with the products that are close to nature and being mindful in the selection of the products. 

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Why products with natural ingredients are best

Nature has the power to heal any wound and if we have products that are filled with the goodness of nature then we are surely on the right track.

With no artificial ingredients, the skin will rejuvenate and will glow for a longer time than have quick results and harming the skin in the longer run.

The ingredients which are age-old and prescribed by our ancients have the best results and majorly no side effects.

The shelf life of natural products is more and fills the room with the natural aroma.

Anyone can try these products and stay away from the harsh chemicals that leave skin look more aged than actual.

We thank Deyga Organic for sending us products that are not only filled with natural ingredients but also the one which is the need of an hour.

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Deyga products are filled with all the products that have the immense benefits of nature. They have products ranging from skincare, haircare, to bath and body care. They also have baby care, oral care products that make us look for any product at Deyga. The motto of Deyga is to deliver organic, handcrafted products to customers that are rich in healing and have the goodness of nature.

Tumeric Healing Mask

Tumeric has been one of the ingredients our mother and grandma are using for many purposes and we all have witnessed its benefits for decades. When Deyga organics get its packed with for us in the modern era, it is a blessing for all who wish to have glowing skin with natural compositions.

Tumeric Healing Mask is one of the masks that I am using often nowadays as it makes the skin feel soft and makes the blemishes lighten. With the goodness of the Tumeric, this healing mask can be applied at any time and it gives the best results for me when I apply it in later evenings as the skin gets time to rest and remain oil-free.

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Benefits & Composition of Tumeric Healing Mask:

It has all the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that help any skin type to get the maximum results after the usage of this face mask.

It brings the natural golden glow in the skin and skin radiates from within.

Tumeric has the property to provide hydration to the skin and this mask does it very well.

It lightens the scars and marks on the face, which makes a person look younger and it also prevents early signs of aging.

With turmeric and aloe-vera being the major components, this mask helps to soften the skin with regular usage of it.

Vegetable glycerine, Vetiver hydrosol, Guar gum are also present in the healing mask with natural preservatives for longer shelf life.

How to use Tumeric Healing Mask:

1. Clean your face with water or face wash if your skin has gathered oil and dust.

2. Apply a layer of the mask evenly on the face with help of the finger or brush.

3. Leave the mask for around 30 minutes and stay in a cool place for the best results, as the temperatures are rising in summers, we don’t want to mask to drop with the sweat.

4. Remove the mask gently with the soft wet cotton or rinse thoroughly with water and damp the towel softly on the skin.

5. Store in the refrigerator after each use for adding it in regular skincare.

 Strawberry Lip Scrub

Strawberry fruit is filled with goodness and when it comes packed in the form of the lip scrub, we are sure to have the best results.

Benefits of the Strawberry Lip Scrub

Lip scrub helps to remove all the chapped skin and nourishes lips and also prevents darkening of it.

Scrubbing also provides volume to the lips and looks soft.

It has a soothing effect on the lips and exfoliates the lips effectively.

Ingredients & Usage of Strawberry Lip Scrub

Lip scrub is made of strawberry, organic shea-butter, granulated sugar, avocado oil, almond oil, and vitamin E oil.

1. Take a small amount of the lip scrub on your fingertips.

2. Gently massage on your lips for a minute and let it sit for 1-2 minutes.

3. Remove the scrub with a warm clean cloth.

4. Apply the lip balm for best results after usage of the scrub.

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Beetroot Lip Balm:

Beetroot has many benefits like it improves healthy digestion, supports brain health, and also helps to lose weight. Here we will be looking at the benefits of beetroot in lip care.

Beetroot Lip Balm is made with 100% organics ingredients and combines the mixture of shea butter, avocado oil, beeswax, and beetroot.

This lip balm helps to maintain the softness of the lips and also its creamy formula nurtures the lips while removing chapped lips.

Benefits & Usage of Beetroot Lip Balm

It is best for people who have chapped lips.

It makes the lips look soft, shiny, and supple.

It heals the cuts on the lips that are caused due to dryness.

1. Use the lip balm as per the requirement to heal the chapped lips.

2. Apply a gentle amount of the lip balm on your fingertips and slowly rub evenly on your lips.

3. It can also be used to substitute for the lipstick or use it on lipstick to give the shiny look.

Taking care of self is so important and most in the times when we are confined to a place. By keeping the skin healthy we are heading towards the selfcare and also this process gives us the feel good factor, that adds happiness in our day. Have a beautiful day and keep glowing from within with happiness and also make skin radiating with it the same way.


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