Saturday 31 October 2020

#MyFriendAlexa Blogging Challenge & Blogchatter Insights Feature

Challenges are always exciting and the best part is when you are the finish line and taking a leap to touch it. #MyFriendAlexa , a Blogchatter’s campaign is all about writing and reading the blogs consistently and upscaling the Alexa rank of the blogs. 

The rule of the challenge is simple write 8 blog posts and read around 9-10 posts per day. With an average of 7 posts from past few months on the blog we were sure that the writing part and surely an achievable part. So, we both decided and challenged ourselves to write more than 8 posts and we are happy to share that we have successfully completed 10 posts in the month of October. 

#MyFriendAlexa Round up AuraOfThoughts

We wanted to give our blog buddies and the audience the flavor of our niche through-out this month. The audience that comes to our blog can find the variety and choose from their interest. Let’s take a roundup of al the posts of the October.

सन्नाटे में शोर : परिवर्तन :: Roar in Silence : A Change

We began our challenge with this heart touching poetry that focused for a change not only when any inhuman acts happen but also to work towards the change continuously. 

This Hindi poetry encourages us to roar for justice even when there is silence after indecent actions.  

Best Natural & Organic Baby Body wash & its Benefits

Our next post focused on the baby care product , baby wash and why plant based products are beneficial to the tiny souls.

Book Review : All That for a B-School , story of Dilemma in Life

Book review have been an integral part of the blog and this book focuses on the dilemma and pressure of entrance exams that most of the youth face. 

9 Kinds of Moms in SCHOOL WhatsApp Group

Most liked post of the October month is this humor post that tingled many mothers and parents who experienced similar situations described in the post. Read it if you missed reading this one.

Daydream of the Universal Wish : Haiku Poetry

Wishes are personal and individual too but there is one wish the whole universe is praying and are in complete sync. Our love for poetry is evident and October being the special with #MyFriendAlexa we essayed universal wish in form of Haiku poetry.

Book Review : Along came a Spyder by Apeksha Rao

Book Review of YA Fiction book by Apeksha Rao was like stress buster in the challenge and it held attention for a time, this book review is also part of #BookChatter activity of Blogchatter.

Micronutrients that can help you boost your Immunity & Control Blood Sugar Levels

Health is the top most priority and to aid the immunity we all need to understand the power of the micronutrients. This post is for Health & Wellness section and also introduced #EnsureDiabetesCare to the readers.

Best organic products in India for the Family

When we talk about the family the first thing that comes to our mind is the happiness of each member, mutual respect, and comfort. Comfort has many dimensions, and one of the most significant aspects is clothing. 

Importance of Adult Education in NEP 2020 : #EducationForAll

#EducationForAll is a series we are writing for the entire year and in this month,  we focused on education for the adults that’s the need of the hour. In NEP 2020 the projection is that by 2030, the literacy rate will be high.

And now let’s see the change in the Alexa ranks.

We are happy with our change in the rank and would continue to be consistent in writing and reading schedule.

Another feature introduced by Blogchatter is the word cloud of the keywords of the blog, which will help a blogger to understand their writing and focus on the niche of the blog.

Blogchatter - AuraOfThoughts

With this we thank Blogchatter for working continuously for the Blogging community and uplifting Bloggers enthusiasm plus motivating us to do more. If you are blogger, then Blogchatter is a platform you need to be.

This post is a part of the #GratitudeCircleBlogHop of October hosted by Vidhya Sury 



  1. Blogchatter is really doing a great job in uplifting the bloggers. I recently love reading some of your blogs. I know its very difficult challenge but you are doing a great job not a easy job to write to blogs in a week.

  2. It is very important to be conistent with your blog and write posts regularly to ensure improvement in the Alexa link. This is a good initiative by blogchatter that is really motivating and helpful to bloggers.

  3. Interesting concept...need to try this as well. Thanks for sharing

  4. This looks like an interesting challenge and platform. I would like to try it out, one query is reading 8-9 post daily is essential?

  5. This is a commendable job. Regular publishing surely does wonders. Keep up with good writing.

  6. First of all, congratulations for completing MFA. I have read most of the posts. Will check out others as well. I am sure, you must be feeing relaxed and more than that satisfied to keep up with your self-made promise.

  7. This is indeed a good option. I'm waiting for my insights too. Let's hope it's been good. And your rank is too good! Hope our present ranks remain that way! All the best!

  8. Extremely insightful post. Kudos on your remarkable achievement in the Blogchatter My friend Alexa month of October. And wish you more success

  9. Congratulations on successfully completing the Alexa campaign this year! Such an interesting and wide variety of topics you covered and good to see the big drop in the ranking too!

  10. Wow 10 posts are super awesome. I had read your all posts during challenge and loved it. Many congratulations for completing Alexa.

  11. Congratulations on your Alexa ranking..its awesome, isnt it? All thanks to this unique concept from Blogchatter. Enjoyed reading all your posts during this challenge.

  12. October was definitely interesting with #MyFriendAlexa as it was my first time and I saw my limits and its benefits as well.

  13. What an amazing drop Meenal, good to see my Friend Alexa working for all of us. Congratulations for your new rank, try to maintain it..

  14. It was my 1st time with #MyFriendAlexa and boy what an amazing experience I had. The thrill of writing and meeting deadlines of reading gave me a new kind of rush.... my oct month was super exciting. Loved all the topics that you have written about for #MyFriendAlexa

  15. A good post that compiles all your #MyFriendAlexa posts. Your rank is great, keep it up! I love the Blog Insights page too since it shows what works for us.

  16. Congratulations on successfully completing My Friend Alexa challenge and writing 10 posts in a month, that's superb. I have read some of your posts and I must say you did a wonderful job. Even my favorite was the moms in a school WhatsApp group, it was so relatable. Wishing you good luck for your future endevours.


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