Sunday, 4 October 2020

सन्नाटे में शोर : परिवर्तन :: Roar in Silence : A Change

There is a need for a CHANGE, a positive change of our mindsets and attitudes. We all need to look forward to a change that makes a person the real HUMAN. We all need to roar for a change not only when such inhuman acts happen but also to work towards the change continuously. Why we all need reminders to act on positive change when such inhuman acts take place, and then there is utter silence until such acts happen again. 

This below Hindi poetry encourages us to roar for justice even when there is silence after indecent actions.  

Saanate mein shor poem - MeenalSonal Blogchatter

आज जिस बात पर इतना शोर है , 

कल यही पर सन्नाटा होगा | 

आज प्रश्न हुए है उजागर कई ,

जवाब कब मिलेगा यह पता नहीं | 

हाहाकार मचा चारों ओर आज ,

कल यही ख़ामोशी का बजेगा साज़ | 

फिर सन्नाटा छा जायेगा सभी पे ,

जब तक एक चीख़ उठे नहीं किसी कोने में | 

मानवता का अंत तो , हो गया इस कलयुग में ,

क्या दैत्य अब पहनेंगे इंसान का चोला खुले में ?

क्यों इंसानियत नहीं जागती सन्नाटे में ,

किस ओर चला मानव और किस मुखोटे में |   

हर इंसान अपने अंतरमन से पूछे ,

क्या ऐसे भविष्य में हमें जीना हैं ?

जहाँ चीख़ को भी चुप करा देना 

बस एक तमाशा हैं | 

कल फिर सन्नाटा होगा हर जगह शांति छाएगी  ,

इस समय जाग जाये इंसानियत तो होगी भलाई | 

मानवता के बीज को सब में पिरोना हैं ,

दैत्य को पहचान उसे सबक सीखना हैं | 

इस शोर को शांत न होने दो मन में ,

डटे रहो बदलाव की सहर में | 

औरत को भगवान की पदवी की नहीं अपेक्षा  ,

बस इंसानियत और आदर की आकांक्षा | 

मानव ! अपनी स्मर्ण बुद्धि सदा सचेत रख ,

परिवर्तन की ओर कदम बढ़ा सम्मान की है ललक | 

उपेक्षा ना कर नारी का इस युग में ,

उठ जाएगी प्रलय की लहर हर कोने में | 

Poetry on Change - MeenalSonal

If we all are work towards the change collectively for positive mindset and break the pre-notions of gender then world will be beautiful place to live by. Raising children who respects each individual is a responsibility of an each parent. For better tomorrow we all need to work hard in present with a roar.

This post is a part of #MyFriendAlexa campaign of Blogchatter where we are taking our blog to next level and also the thinking of humans towards positivity with a change. 


  1. You guys have well penned the harsh reality of this Kalyug and the ongoing mishaps. Sometimes it really makes me panic where are we heading? Though we have achieved so much in this 21st century then why sick mentality for women still exist in certain areas of poor mindset? This imbalance has to come to an end for a better dawn of tomorrow's generation.

    Archana Srivastava

  2. What a brilliant poem you've written, each and every sentence has a deep meaning! Wish the world wakes up and listens to the what the world needs today , "Humanity"

  3. All the best. Together we can create a better world.

  4. Nice poem .
    Read a Hindi poem after a long time :)
    Reminded me of my school days.

  5. Soul stirring and hard-hitting poem. You are right, we shouldn't allow the voice against injustice to die. Keep writing such amazing poems and nudging our conscience. God bless.

  6. Wow, this is one of my best reads today. So beautifully penned. The poetry is par excellence, with deep meaning.

  7. Together we can create a better world, and with positivity it is possible.
    Very beautiful and meaningful poem.

  8. Beautiful use of words portraying today's harsh reality! It's high time we realize the essence and importance of humility and humanity. The lines
    "औरत को भगवान की पदवी की नहीं अपेक्षा ,
    बस इंसानियत और आदर की आकांक्षा "
    hit me really hard.

  9. Love reading poems after like so many days .. enjoyed the paragraphs .. so well written

  10. Hard-hitting and true to the core. You have written it beautifully.

  11. Oh yes. This constant uprising and then the lull as if nothing happened. I hope we learn from our mistakes or are we too complacent to work towards a better world?
    Sonia from

  12. This is so hard hitting. Beautifully penned. And this is what generally happens... hue and cry one day and all forgotten the next. To the next "breaking news".

  13. Roaring with my silence too. And yes, I can relate to the way you think and write. Awesome dear. And a happy Alexa month to you

  14. Wow. It's really Amazing. The title सन्नाटे में शोर just caught my attention. And you have written this hard hitting poem so beautifully.

  15. Let's hope to a better world.
    Ruchi Chopra Nasa

  16. Beautiful poem.. was difficult for me to read the devnagri script, but worthwhile.

  17. nicely penned down. i hope we could nurture and make our society better place for everyone.

  18. उम्दा कविता, दिल को छू गई
    दर्द और समय को बहुत अच्छे से व्यक्त किया है
    उस शोर, उस गूँज की सख्त जरुरत है
    Well expressed

  19. Really hard hitting impactful words Sonal, Meenal ji. But honestly no matter how much we try to be hopeful the sad reality is that the conscience - collective n individual both are dying if not already dead. Keep raising the voice. Keep roaring.

    #MyFriendAlexa #ContemplationOfaJoker #Jokerophilia

  20. Beautifully written! Bringing about a change is a collective positive effort and we must try and make our kids aware of this fact.

  21. This is a soul stirring poem & it touched my heart. Relevant for all times & not just for current happenings. Every time there is an uproar for any wrongdoing, it feels that there will be justice but then the noise just fizzles out for different reasons. This mindset needs to change or else the society will collapse one day.

  22. Absolutely wonderful poem. Such right words. We really need to change this dark wave pure evil that has taken over this society. The time for change is now!

  23. Hula-boo and then silence; harsh but truth

  24. Bas insaniyat aur aadar...atti uttam!


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