Sunday 18 October 2020

Daydream of the Universal Wish : Haiku Poetry

Dreaming while sleeping is like entering the world unconsciously but when you Daydream about a particular thing then it is your subconscious that is making an effort to show you the desire deep burrowed. Dreams do talk about our wishes and miracles we expect to turn in our side in a flash of a second. 

In the below series of Haiku, we will express what we daydream of. To all the new to the poetic world of haiku, let us share with you all that Haiku is a Japanese form of poetry of 17 syllables distributed in three lines with the count of 5-7-5. We love penning Haiku as it expresses so much in fewer words. 

Daydream in Covid19 - MeenalSonal

Heeding Haiku with Chèvrefeuille, prompt is Daydream at Mindlovemisery's Menagerie and here we express the daydreaming in pandemic situation.

Many Wishes tucked 

None secure around planet 

Dreams devasted

Holding desired hands

Converted Souls Walking miles 


Come step assertive

Propagate humanity 

Firm resolve within 

Open eyes foresee

Oneness, happiness, health, Growth

Deep aspiration.

Vigorous craving

Daydream turn existence soon 

Universal wish

Pandemic has made us do things which we have not done in the recent past or should we confess that we will not do in the future too. What we all in the world wish is to end the COVID 19 pandemic to end as soon as possible and wish the vaccine is released soon so that all the front-line workers and medical staff can serve people more efficiently without losing human numbers.  

Dreaming in Covid19 - MeenalSonal

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We even have 3 special wishes for Genie during this pandemic, have a look at these cute yet vital wishes.

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  1. indeed, i too truly hope my daydreams turn into reality soon :)
    lovely poem. i have always been fascinated with the haiku form of poetry, alas, it is beyond me to write it myself, so i enjoy reading it :)

  2. Interesting Haiku on daydreaming during the pandemic. #MyFriendAlexa #TinaReads

  3. ~Jules (from WP...MLMM Heeding haiku - I have an account with Blogspot for easier commenting),

    I like all your hopes and daydreams for our combined future. Stay safe and sane :)

  4. Haiku is such an interesting genre and you use it well

  5. If only could all daydreams turn into reality. Enjoyed reading the haiku. Beautifully penned.

  6. Wow I really like the concept of haiku poetry. indeed it is an art to express our emotions in few lines . you had done that so beautifully. I really like the poem. I had missed the chance to read your series during alexa. I am glad that today I had read it,

  7. Haiku is an interesting read day dream always indicates about our thoughts, our wishes in our subconscious mind.

  8. Beautiful Haiku! The last para summed it up perfectly. We all hope these hapy day dreams turn into reality sometime soon.:-)

  9. wow this is super interesting.. I have been a day dreamer honestly and this form of art really appeals to me .. thanks for sharing

  10. Lovely Haiku I must say Sonal. Expressing emotions via Haiku is difficult, but you did it wonderfully. I've always wished that my day dreams turn into reality😝.

  11. Wow I loved the Haiku poetry very interesting and well penned too. I day dream a lot and wish for so many of them to come true too.

  12. Wonderful Haiku . I really wish the beautiful day dreams to come in reality. Beautiful write up .

  13. Series of Haiku each completing the other. It's awesome. You have spoken about love, dreams, equality. Love it totally❤

  14. I really like the way Haiku poetry sounds. I got to know about it from your blog only, how in just few words one can express their feelings. I really wish this daydream comes true soon.

  15. Loved your haiku. I was introduced to this style of poetry about 3 years ago. And really like this style. Find it really poignant.

  16. In the recent past, I have started reading a few Haiku poetries and it's interesting how one can express emotions in few words. You have done it perfectly loved the way you have begun and ended. It summed up the entire journey of the pandemic that we all are going through.

  17. Recently, I have started reading Haiku form of poetry and it's interesting to see how one expresses in few words. You have beautifully expressed the entire pandemic journey. Loved the way you have begun and ended .


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