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Importance of Adult Education in NEP 2020 : #EducationForAll

In our #EducationForAll series of #CauseAChatter of Blogchatter, we are discussing the need and power of education in adults. Many times, adults have to keep education aside and take up other tasks in life, and many could not get the opportunity to brush their hands-on education system. In such scenarios, adult education plays a major role.

Age is no bar for education and NEP 2020 policy has focused on it too very closely. The importance of education is well-known to all, and heading on its path at any time is the right time. In life, one may not find opportunities to complete his/her basic education but if resources are available and you have a spark in yourself to be educated then the lightened path is showcased by educators. 

Adult education in India - MeenalSonal

NEP 2020, has designed a program for adult education, where people will be made literate and study the key areas according to their profession. Firstly, let us look at how adult education can help an individual in life.


A person can carry their financial transaction on their own.

Fill forms for the opportunities in their interested field.

Teach children.

Improve one’s life through the right Education.

Follow instructions and safety measures in times of emergency.

Appreciate literacy and promote the same.


Literacy makes an immense difference in the way life is lead, and the National Literacy Mission was initiated for this core thought that emphasized adult education. It was launched in 1988 and was done voluntarily, which was a vital aspect of the mission, and it also addressed the main issue like alcoholism. To facilitate community with the education and betterment of all National Education Policy 2020 has come up with a defined structure for adult Education. huge 


Adult Education in NEP2020:


A well-planned framework will be developed along with NCERT supported body that is core dedicated to adult education and the teaching and learning methods plus materials will be specially designed for the adults. The curriculum will include at least five programs.

1. Foundation of literacy & numeracy

2. Critical Life skills – will include financial & digital literacy, commercial skills, child care, health care & family welfare

3. Vocational Skill development 

4. Basic Education – It includes preparatory, middle, and secondary education

5. Continuing Education – courses in art, culture, sports, or others.


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Infrastructure for Adult Education:

For this initiative to be a success, infrastructure has to be ensured that is easily accessible to all. Schools will be used as after-schools and public libraries for the courses. Sharing resources in all types of education will be beneficial to all and will create synergy among the community.


Educators for Adult Education:

Dedicated instructors and educators will be delivering the curriculum framework to mature learners for keeping in sync with the thought process. Volunteers are welcomed from the district, state, and national levels. Additionally, qualified community members can take up a short training course so that they can serve others in this program.


Participation in Adult Education:

Encouraging people to take up this course is a challenge, and social workers traveling through communities will play a major role in convincing people to take up adult education. Dropouts can also take up the education forward through this policy. Local organizations and NGOs will make announcements through events, and initiatives so that the enrollment can be maximum.


Monitoring of Adult Education:

Close monitoring of this program is very important, and NGOs, volunteers play a great role in the success of adult education. In coordination with Adult Education Centers (AEC), governments will work closely with community organizations and support to make people educated and a positive effort towards literate India.


With Adult education implementation in the National Education Policy 2020, society will surely be a new world where they wish to be educated and support the family on a better path. One can enrol in such initiatives by the policy and can get benefitted plus a volunteer of education can always get in touch with local organizations and give support to the education system.


This blog post is a part of season 5 of #MyFriendAlexa of Blogchatter where we are taking our blog to the next level, and education too.



  1. Yes, definitely with National Education Policy 2020 society will surely be a new world where they wish to be educated and support the family on a better path.

  2. Adult education is of vital importance in our country. With a high rate of illiteracy, it is imperative for the development of the country, that more and more of its population are educated. Adult education is definitely an opportunity for those who were unfortunate to have missed out on education at the right age.

  3. I definitely agree with and am a supporter of on going education well into adulthood. I think this is going to be a big support

  4. Earlier this year I was looking for homeschool policy in India and now this NEP2020 information on your page is looking promising. Our education system needed a reform for quite a while.

  5. This was a much needed move. In India, the idea of finishing education within a set timeline in terms of age is a very toxic idea as well as an obstacle to achieve something bigger. I hope that the inclusion of adult education will help people to take up education again without any hesitation and also make them self dependant.

  6. I totally agree that Adult education is very important in our country. It is imperative for the development of the country,

  7. Hopeful that NEP 2020 will be groundbreaking for adult education in our country. It is good to see that the program is tailored such that people can choose subjects according to their profession.

  8. National Education Policy 2020 has definitely paved a way for a refined and better education. Hopefully, our kids have a better education in the coming years

  9. New Education Policy, is different from all the previously existing policies. Apart from adult education, I am also keen for the inter disciplinary education. No more a science student will have to let go off his passion for history.Adult education, will raise the economic and prosperity levels of the country.

  10. This is a great move by the government! I hope it comes out as good in reality as it looks on paper. Thanks for the detailed post - I wasn't aware of a number of points mentioned here!


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