Friday 9 October 2020

Book Review : All That for a B-School , story of Dilemma in Life

"The sandcastles may have been fragile but the resolve in our hearts was as sturdy as ever".


I would like to start my review with this beautiful thought from the book ‘All That For A B-School?! by Swapnil Paranjape, Prajakta Sinai; depicting the childhood play at the beach or making sandcastles. The innocence of childhood and the firm resolve should flow throughout our life to face every situation in life. 

Book Title & Book Cover: 

All That For A B - School?! Co-Authored by: Swapnil Paranjape, Prajakta Sinai.

The book cover has the title at the forefront, and a university in the backdrop gives us a glimpse of a university. The book cover is simple, and the font used for the title is also plain simple.

All that BSchool review - MeenalSonal

The Plot of All That For B-School: 

Mandar Vartak, a Biotech post-graduate, dares to leave his job from the biggest plasma company based in Pune to pursue his dream of getting into a prestigious B-School.

He thinks that a management degree is what is the ultimate goal, and everything will fall in place automatically. 

He also has a girlfriend Isha is in New Zealand to pursue her Ph.d. Mandar's character is trapped in a quagmire of what exactly he wants in life. He keeps jostling with this throughout, learning to know the difference between peace, happiness, self-satisfaction, and relationships. 


Points to Ponder:

Both the authors beautifully depicted the life of Mandar and his ups and downs in an impressive manner.

The dilemma which very often strikes when young is the focus of the book. Valuing relationships or the career is what the main lead jostles throughout his life. 

The beauty and simplicity in friendship come out very naturally. Mandar and two of his friends whom he addresses as pirates help in moving step by step to achieve his dreams. The conversation among them is easily relatable to real scenarios.

The plus points are the positive aspects of the book that keeps Mandar correcting his lost track from time to time.

The book is divided into 12 chapters, and the titles are very appealing and novice. Simple and lucid language makes this book stand out.

The author has shown a great love for Mumbai n Pune by explaining minute details about the city.

Typical middle-class family and their pillar support are very much appreciable. The worry of a mother and strict yet concerned father-son dialogues are well narrated.


Questions raised in the book All that for a B-School

Is admission into a prestigious B-School solves Mandar problems? 

Is that what he always wanted from life? 

Will he be able to Impress Isha? 

Does the main lead manage to find answers to all his inner soul?

Is that all he did for a B - School???!!! Just read to know the reality.


Final word: 

This book focuses on the dilemma and pressure of entrance exams that most of the youth face. But at the same time, a clear perception in life and listening to one's own heart is what the book boasts about. Must-read book for all who are in a similar situation, and also for people are looking for a fresh jibe of simplicity and positivity.

About the Author

Swapnil Paranjape:

Swapnil is a Biotech post-grad with an MBA degree. A musician at heart, he has always wanted to do things that are out of the box. Despite the hectic schedule of Supply Chain Planning, he holds his guitar very dear. He has a unique perspective of looking at things and believes that dreams are where it all begins. He is an ‘ideator’ in himself, with a brain that comes up with wild, never-before-thought ideas 24*7.

Prajakta Sinai:

Prajakta is a Psychology post-grad with a degree in Counselling Psychology. With her insights on human behavior and emotion, she hopes to enrich her writing in a way that people can relate to it. Professionally, until recently, she had been in the field of teaching. Teaching, she believes, has taught her many new things, one of them being that everyone should find the courage within themselves to do what they love the most. And as much as she loves teaching, she has now decided to give her writing a fair shot. She is now running a creative platform - ''

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Book Details:

Book Name: All That For A B-School?!

Author: Swapnil Paranjape, Prajakta Sinai

Publishers: LeadStart Publishers

Genre: Fiction


No. Of Pages:167

Price: INR 199, Available on Amazon 

My rating: 4.5

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  1. This seems the dilemma of everyone almost in this millennium.. Glad that it is so well expressed in this book.. Clear goals are difficult

  2. All That for a B-School seems like a good read. yes we have all been and dreamt of being at the prestigious B school. Would love to read and see how the story goes.

  3. The book sounds interesting. It touches the very core topic which most of the youth face today and even after getting in a prestigious B- School many are unsure of what they exactly want in their future.

  4. The book sonds really interesting and I had recently run out of materials to read. I'll check it out!

  5. It looks like a great combination of fiction and reality. Looks like a good read.

    - Ujjwal Mishra MywordsMywisdom

  6. Wow the setup of the story seems so cool and the storyline even better! Definitely going to read this

  7. I will definitely lay my hand on this book. It is hard to choose between a career and a job. Also when love comes in the equation, it messes things up quite drastically.

  8. Thank you for your recommendation. I have been needing some new books on my reading list.Gonna surely check this out once..

  9. Me being a B-school pass out this book will surely be a great read. I hope it is nostalgic also as I have fond memories of that part of my life.

  10. I liked the blend of fiction and reality. Career or relationship has always been a tough choice and finding a balance between the two s even tougher. I am sure this book will be an interesting read.

  11. the plot of this book is really relatable. many of us always think that grass is greener on other side and assume that getting admission in B school will solve all problems of our life, but in reality life is not as easy as seems. and each decision and progress bring its own set of challenges. would love to read this books. loved your review.

  12. i like the storyline of the book. Would love to explore the dilemma of the protagonist. sHALL DEFINITELY check it out.

  13. This seems like an apt book to help the students fight the anxiety and pressure. Yout review is articulate and helps the readers assess the book quite well.

  14. The plot of this book will sound really relatable to many youngsters. these days most people are tackling and being torn apart at the same time because of the multiple facets of lives. I wonder how in yester era people had such simple life.

  15. This was a wonderful review.Everything pointed out clearly but not giving the plot away

  16. Even I faced this dilemma. After completing my graduation in Biotechnology, I was so confused listening to all my peers. My heart said to choose what I loved but my mind pushed me towards MBA because it was a hot choice that time. I am definitely taking up this book to raed.

  17. This looks like a great read .It looks like a great combination of fiction and reality. Will definitely check

  18. I would love to read this book and will share it with my daughter too as very soon she need to decide which college she will get into. Thanks for sharing.

  19. Been to a B school and lived the life, this book will be like a good run down the memory lane for me. Would love to pick this book and add it to my TBR list.


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