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Best Natural & Organic Baby Body wash & its Benefits for Toddlers

All parents would agree that cleanliness and child happiness are directly proportional. To maintain a cleaning routine various products are used for the baby, and baby body wash is one of them.  Selecting a toddler baby wash has many criteria, with the ingredients and the make of the product plus package of the product. 

In this blog post, we discuss the main guidelines for the baby body wash, and that is best suitable for the baby's sensitive skin. We also share the best organic baby body wash for babies.

Why use a plant-powered or organic baby wash

Baby skin is gentle and sensitive to the slightest variations around. To ensure that the baby gets maximum benefits, one should always go for natural products. Nature has gifted us with bountiful products that have healing powers. The benefits of health rich ingredients like essential oils, plants, and herbal extracts are combined into organic products. The plant-powered natural extracts infused baby wash is safe on delicate baby skin. 

Tips for selecting baby wash - MeenalSonal

5 things to look in Organic baby body wash:

1. Right pH balance: 

Botanical extracts-rich baby wash is free from chemicals like Silicon and Paraben Dyes that ensures no harsh chemicals touch the delicate baby skin.

2. Non-drying formula: 

The presence of essential oils like Calendula oil, Avocado Oil, and Chamomile oil helps retain the skin moisture and maintains lustre. A Frequent wash will not only deep cleans the skin but also hydrates the skin gently.

3. Natural fragrance: 

Botanical oil with no artificial fragrances is infused that irritate the baby. The soothing aroma keeps the baby happy and active.

4. Hypoallergic non-irritants: 

Gentle baby wash formula suits all skin types and specifically safe for sensitive skin types. The essential oils and natural extracts are free from allergens that make them perfect for the little one. No tear formula protects the baby's eyes from the burning sensation.

5. Suitable for everyday use: 

Natural baby wash is safe to use frequently as the natural elements pamper the delicate baby skin with wonders of essential oils.

Now that we know the factors that are best for the baby skin, we will look at the best organic baby body wash that uses the natural formula to make the product.

Best baby body wash that ensures use of Natural formula:

Mother Sparsh Plant powered natural baby wash:

Mother Sparsh has a wide range of plant-powered baby products; natural baby wash is one of the products. It has the goodness of natural products that give a soothing effect to the baby and cleanses the body naturally. It is the natural baby body wash that has the richness of essential oils such as Calendula Oil, Avacado oil, Chamomile oil, and Grapeseed oil. These ingredients not only cleanses the baby but also treats various skin ailments and maintains the softness of the baby's skin naturally. No artificial fragrances are in the product, and this makes the baby body wash suitable for all the babies. 

Natural baby wash - MeenalSonal

Mother Sparsh Baby body wash also has calming and relaxing properties in it. These properties help to make the baby calm during and post the bath routine. This baby body wash keeps the bay skin moisturized with the blend of essential oils and leaves the baby's skin delicate and supple after the bath. With no harsh substances in the organic baby body wash, the baby's skin remains soft and agile. 

MotherSparsh plant based products - meenalSonal

Quick Watch:
Plant-based natural product
Blended with Chamomile oil, Avocado Oil, and Coconut oil.
It is tear-free and has natural fragrances, can be used daily.
Chemical-free product. 
Silicon-free, Dye-free, Parabens-free, SLS/SLES free, Formaldehyde-free.
100% natural and toxic-free baby wash.
Certified organic ingredients.
No harsh substances. 
It can be used regularly for sensitive skin babies too.
Help in calming the baby with natural ingredients.
Price : 200ml: 346 INR

Mamaearth deeply nourishing wash:

Mamaearth nourishing baby wash is a great choice to pamper the baby's skin with the goodness of natural formula. It is a 100% natural formulation to make the baby bath fun and relaxing. Loaded with pure essential coconut-based cleansers, aloe vera, orange essential oil makes it the best choice for the baby skin. The dermatologically tested formula is infused with natural fragrance maintaining the right pH balance for the skin. 

A small quantity of baby wash makes just perfect lather and gets washed away easily from the skin while leaving the baby skin supple and soft.

Source: mamaearth.in

Quick watch:
Coconut cleansers leave no chance of inflammation and irritation.
Orange essential oil infuses pure citrus fragrance and is also an immunity booster
Aloe Vera provides rich moisture and healing effect.
100% natural product, No paraben, no sulphates, no mineral oils.
Dermatologically tested formula.
No tear formula
Price 200 ml: INR 199

The moms co natural baby wash:

Tip-to-toe care of the toddler is taken care of by natural elements of Moms co natural baby wash. A pure and gentle no-tear formula is a perfect choice for all baby skin types. Its unique blend of coconut-based cleansers, Avocado and Argan oils gently cleanses the baby skin. With chamomile oil and calendula oil, this baby wash helps reduce inflammation, soothes skin, and has many healing wonders. Clinically tested natural oil is free from chemicals that make baby bath a fun moment.

A small amount of baby wash makes a rich lather with warm water. It not only takes care of the baby's skin but also strengthens soft baby hair.


Quick watch:

Coconut cleansers help reduce inflammation and stimulates healthy hair growth.
Avocado and Argan essential oil provides soothing and relaxing effects.
Organic Chamomile and Calendula oil ensure complete protection.
100% natural product, paraben-free, no sulphates
Rich in Vitamin A and E
Ultra-mild complete biodegradable
No tear formula
Price 200 ml: INR 393

Himalaya Baby Care Extra Moisturizing Baby Wash:

This natural moisturizing formula takes extra care for dry baby skin type and best suitable for winter care. Loaded with the goodness of Almond oil, Aloe vera, Indian Lotus extracts, Olive oil bless the baby skin with beneficial moisturizing relaxing properties. It also contains milk that provides extra moisture and care after every wash. Infused with natural, mild fragrances is a clinically tested formula to handle the daily cleaning baby skin regime.

Pour a little amount of Himalaya baby wash on palm or sponge and rub with water gently on the baby's skin and wash thoroughly with water. 


Quick watch:
Deep moisturizing properties make it ideal to use in cold weather.
Almond oil and Olive essential oil softens and nourishes the delicate baby skin.
Milk provides extra moisture and prevent after bath skin dryness.
100% natural product, paraben-free, no sulphates
Natural herbal formulation ideal for all baby skin types
Lotus extracts aids in skin conditioning.
Tear-free formula
Price 200 ml: INR 150

Natural Baby Body wash - MeenalSonal

This list will help you choose the baby body wash as per your child skin sensitivity. Selecting a baby body wash for sensitive skin that is natural in its base is the key as artificial products can harm toddler skin.

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