Friday 8 January 2016

Joy - Haiku

New year brings new beginning and new dreams, everything is filled with joy and excitement but we shall not forget the lessons learnt in past year. A series of haiku will spin tales of last year.

Sharing little things
spreads the joy in leaps n bounds
Showers many more

Eager eyes cherish
Manifold joyous moments
Guzzle the lessons

Self satisfaction
Love thyself foremost lesson
Caress them to win

Smiles on dear faces 
abundant satisfaction
gather in frenzy

Multitude pleasure
no bounds no definition
Flock collectively

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  1. You have given so many wonderful examples of joy. Sharing little things is special, isn't it?

  2. Third haiku is commendable! :)

  3. I loved this series of haiku..all of them!

  4. Enjoyed reading all the haikus :)
    Good one!


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