Thursday 31 December 2015

Make One to Meet One


Hope you remember me. With great zeal and true heart you gave me life and promised to keep up with what you said. I was appreciated a lot by your friends on social networking sites. 

I was happy that I got a partner. But who knew soon my thoughts would be in vain. I felt neglected and slowly forgotten. I urged many times to remind you about your commitments but nothing worked out. 

I lay broken somewhere.....

Hmm…I know the time has come to revive me, to care for me and mend me back. I know you will once again need me.

Oh! Why not I am ready to forget the past and stand by your side. I want your support to reach the goal.

At last I have only one thing to say “Make One to Meet One”.

Yours truly,
Aura of thoughts- New Year Resolution

Resolutions are nothing but testing ourselves, reminding to walk on a steady path.

With every year passing there is always a new beginning awaited. I wish all of you a fabulous year with positive spirit and happiness.

Happy New Year 2016 !!

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  1. I feel a pleasur to search your blog. Nice: Keep it up.

  2. So true! Loved your inspiring take on this topic.

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