Tuesday 15 December 2015

Book Review - When Our Worlds Collide

The Book ‘When Our Worlds Collide’ by Aniesha Brahma is her third work of fiction and first Novella. The story portrays beautifully as to how one can influence someone they love by helping them achieve what they really want to. We at times fail to move ahead or keep our happiness as a second priority. This novella is unique which comes up with an inspiring message that one should always do what our heart tells us.
When Our Worlds Collide

Book Cover:
The book cover is simple yet strikes a perfect chord to start off with. It can be guessed from the title and the cover that the story may revolve around two persons.

Aniesha Brahma is a passionate writer and tends to bring in a new way of approaching a love story. She believes that it is not always about the happy ending that is all about but, sometimes it’s about the story.

It is a love story with a twist. It is not a story where we see the characters singing songs around the bushes but a story with a message. The story is about a girl Akriti and a boy Zyan Banerji. Akriti’s upbringing was difficult as she grew seeing trouble in her parent’s relationship which ultimately leads to a divorce. Due to this reason she was scared to open up with anyone and grew up with no friend’s around. At the age of 23 she started assisting at the coffee shop which was owned by her mother. Her creative ideas and the belief that one day the café will be one among the best café in the city made the place unique. She was able to renovate the café with the help of her friends and her co worker Ayub.

She had a childhood crush on Zyan which she often failed to express her love to him. He was a boy full of energy and positive approach;very well knew how to enjoy life and how small things in life make a lot of difference. How he finally pulled Akriti out of the bounds of her loneliness and helped her to come out of her confused mind to a decision is amazing to read.

Liked the characters and could portray them easily. The best thing about the story is the moral hidden behind it. The book kept engrossed till the end and was not able to let it go without completing it.

Final Word:
The language used is simple and easy to grasp. The book is written in first person and is narrated by Akriti. This book could be a one time read at leisure time when one wants to read something different and inspiring. 

So,let our worlds collide for something good in life:)

Book Details:
Name : When Our Worlds Collide
Author : Aniesha Brahma
Genre : Fiction
Publisher : General Press
ISBN : 9788180320828
My Rating : 4/5

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  1. Thank you for this wonderful review! It means the world to me.

    1. Welcome Aniesha, it was wonderful read :)


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