Wednesday 30 September 2020

New Guidelines for Teachers in NEP 2020 : #EducationForAll #CauseAChatter

New Education Policy has brought in a fresh perspective towards education and also promised large recruitment opportunities for teaching staff. NEP 2020 has the foundation policy of flexibility that gives the educators and students an extensive layout of courses to build their careers in life.

Today in this post of the #EducationForAll series of the #CauseAChatter of Blogchatter we will discuss the opportunities and the guidelines in NEP2020 for teaching staff.

TeacherGuidelines in NEP 2020 - MeenalSonal

Recruitment & Deployment Guidelines in NEP 2020

To have uniform teaching in graduation a large number of scholarships are planned to be granted in 4-year integrated B.Ed programs. And these scholarships will be given especially to female graduates to promote education in rural areas as they will serve as a role model for the local people.

Incentives will be provided to teachers, especially in the rural areas so that teachers serve in the areas near to their town and the entire society gets benefitted from it.

Student-teacher relation is strong if the tenure is longer. Keeping this aspect into consideration teacher transfers will be scrutinized very minutely. And if transfers have to take place then it has to be under a special provision.

TETs (Teacher Training Test) shall be reinforced to reward the best teachers. To strengthen this teachers will be required to do classroom demonstrations and online interviews to build the same atmosphere as the school. Local language teachers will have weightage as they can help the local students to understand the concepts well.

A suitable number of teachers will be recruited for all sections, such as physical education, vocational education, and languages. These teachers can be divided into more than two schools while grouping them.

Local eminent instructors specialized in the local art and education will be required to teach students all the local knowledge about traditional local art, vocational art, agriculture, and many more as the expertise exists with them, and it would benefit the students.

With time, teachers will be recruited in all the vacant seats, and eventually, the ‘para-teachers’ who were contributing to short-term bases will be erased out.

Service Environment & Culture:

To attain the primary goal of the policy is to maximize the abilities of teachers in a vibrant and caring manner so that they do their jobs effectively, and the motive to attain is ‘child is learning.’

A safe and clean environment is required to take the learning forward, and for that, all the facilities like air, water, infrastructure, internet, library are few to name to make the complete set to the school.

Effective and innovative formats may be applied in the school to bridge the gap between teachers and authorities.

Parents and teachers will be more involved in the School Management committees.

A positive learning environment will ensure by keeping the principal and, teacher's expectations for developing a caring environment.

Teachers can choose their methodology for explaining in the classrooms, and their novel ideas will be appreciated if there is an improvement in the learning of the students.

Continuous Professional Development

Improvement is the key in life, and this is one the foundation for the NEP 2020.

Teachers will have ample opportunities to learn the latest innovations in their profession.

Teachers can take the workshops according to the requirement, and more emphasis will be given in online programs.

Each teacher for example has to showcase 50 hours under Continuous Professional Development (CPD) every year for their professional development.

CPD will cover the latest and innovative pedagogies such as art-based, sports-based, story-telling based, etc.

School leaders and Principals are to cover leadership based program in the CPD for 50 hours in a year.

These programs will improve the knowledge of the teachers and leaders with the latest methodology.

Career Management & Progression

Teachers will be divided into multiple level structures, and teachers performing extremely well will be awarded the incentives and promotions.

Multiple parameters are set to assess the teacher's hard work and their involvement towards the betterment of the school.

A merit-based system shall be used for the rate of promotions and a salary increase.

This approach will ensure the growth of the teachers and all stages of the school (lower, middle, and higher) are treated similarly. All the teachers are important and high-quality teachers are present at each level. No level will be considered important than another.

With all these guidelines and the innovative system in National Education Policy 2020, assures that teachers will get their credit and contribute to the education system more effectively.

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*The reference to the post is the NEP 2020 document circulated by the government.


  1. This new education policy has brought a new hope in the field of education. However initial years will be difficult for all, but later it is gonna be successful.

    1. Implementation will definitely take time but we will progress in a positive direction.

  2. Important learnings and information on so many aspects of the endeavour here. Great research and analysis

    1. The policy has brought in many welcoming changes and thus should be known to one and all.

  3. These are some great changes and reforms being made in the field of teaching. I specially liked the thoughtfulness they have put in for teachers in rural areas. A must needed change by NEP.

    1. A great initiative with some very good points focussed.

  4. These are some great steps to boost the confidence and instill the passion of teaching among new and old teachers. I guess, it was long due that they get recognition, training and reward based on performance and merit.
    I believe with this setup, we have a great future as a country led by eminent teachers!

    1. Our country is full of skilled people but due to lack of resources their skills were not recognized but now with nep a new hope brings everyone forward.

  5. I welcome these new guidelines and the innovative system via National Education Policy 2020. My wife is a teacher. I am pretty sure that teachers will now get their due credit and contribute to Indian education system much better.

    1. Teaching is a great profession and I have observed it very closely as my mother was also a teacher. Encouragement and recognition will definitely make this profession more passionate.

  6. I like the idea of local arts being taught by local experts.The NEP is progressive .Let's hope its implementation is good


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