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6 ways to instill importance of 'MY INDIA' in children

A culmination of varied cultures, rich values, valuable history, brave people, diverse natural resources, colorful feast of attires, magnanimous heritage, multi-fold delicacies and what not. We can relate to our country INDIA very easily when we hear the above lines. 


This grandeur of Indian cultures and values should be known to every generation and that can be achieved when we involve the kids to do their bit for the nation. It is our foremost duty to introduce them to the worth of culture and traditions with proper justification.


Apart from restricting ourselves to showcase patriotism on only National Days we shall habituate ourselves to shower love and care towards nation ‘My India’ on each day. We all can do a few simple practises in our life to add a significant contribution to the nation besides these can be taught to our next generation.


patriotism in kids - MeenalSonal

Respecting Constitution:

The Constitution is foundation of our nation and it gives us direction to work towards the nation and self. As parents we can help our children to understand various elements of it with simple examples. ‘The Constitution of India’ for Children written by Subharda Sen Gupta is a perfect color printed book to illustrate each attribute of the constitution. You can check the detailed review of the book ‘The Constitution of India’ for Children on our Instagram post.


Abiding Laws:

Yes, it is a very important way to portray love and respect towards the nation. General laws such as following traffic rules, keeping neighbourhood clean, paying tax in time are few examples that can help us contribute towards growth of the nation. We can teach children that by practising these rules daily we are abiding bigger laws which help nations to run smoothly.


Nation works for our Benefits:

Nation works for the benefit of the citizens and government bodies are entitled to execute the plan. If any policy is introduced by the government instead of rejecting it straight away we should look at the brighter side of it. For example the recent change in the Education policy NEP2020 has major changes in the education field, parents need to discuss the profits of the policy with their children. Giving positive affirmations about the country will instil love and respect towards the country.


Small Contribution Counts:

One drop in the ocean counts and this shall be the foundation for all the work done in regard to the nation shall be counted. Teaching kids that if a group of people perform their duties timely which in turn helps the smooth functioning of the nation is a huge task they are doing. Similarly explaining kids the importance of tax payment and their little contribution from the income is like making payment for the maintenance of the big house, INDIA.


Everyday Bravery:

Everyone who wants to essay bravery and wish to be like Indian soldier can perform their day to day life with few gestures that can place them as ‘Every Day Hero’ . Keeping surroundings clean, helping others in need, following rules and regulations, being responsible while talking about the nation, respecting the constitution; these are all small bravery acts that can be showcased in everyday life too. Parents can set an example of these and make children understand their importance for the nation.


Valuing Heritage:

India is a land rich in culture and heritage and by valuing it we are contributing to protect the history that was once written in our nation. Visiting national monuments and heritage sites children can be made to recognise the effort and precision taken to keep it alive for a long time. Books can be a great help to teach kids about different cultures and the Sonia Mehta activity books series ‘Discover India’ is well researched that helps children to learn in a fun way. Check the detailed review of the book India Activity on our Instagram post.


Teaching all these practices to children is not easy neither it is a one day task, we adults need to perform them in our daily lives. Children are observant in nature and seeing their parents perform their duties whole heartedly towards the nation besides working for the prosperity of their own country will definitely make children responsible citizens of INDIA.


You can also check out Hindi poetry titled कैसे बनु देश प्रेमी which is a rhythmic poem with catchy words to understand the concept of how to become a responsible citizen.


This blogpost is a part of #SpeakEasyChallenge hosted by our blogger friends Dipika & Ruchi. We 26 bloggers along with the host poured our thoughts on the theme ‘MY INDIA’. 




  1. Great pointer on instilling great values in children and we as a parents have grrater responsibility as children learn by example. So if you want the best be the best.

  2. I agree with you. For instilling Indian values in kids, it was very important to make it a part of our routine. It is much easy to accept it and follow it then.

  3. Kaise banu desh premi mai is really a catchy poem. I read it to kids too. All the six points are bang one, just one thing that parents must remember. That kids folow what they see more easiy than whatvthey are told to. So preach what you teach.

    - Ujjwal Mishra MywordsMywisdom

  4. Fantastic post! Its so important to inculcate the spirit of patriotism in our children. With so much 'India-bashing' doing the rounds, its important that parents take on the mantle of making children fall in love with their own country.

    Consider this as a personal invite for sharing your fantastic parenting blogs on my Facebook Group: Build your audience and engage with parents, teachers and doctors through meaningful conversations.

  5. you shared great tips that really help children to understand culture and heritage of India and will proud on our country.

  6. Yes! Very true! Few basic things about traffic and cleanliness is something that I tell to my 4year old daughter. Nicelgbwrittebn

  7. Wow these are really great options for teaching kids patriotism. Specially I like the idea of putting small contribution from each one.indeed it is a small but most important step that could make major difference.

  8. I resonate with your points, something that we talk and try instilling kids at our home.

  9. lovely article. the ideas are really good ways to teach children about the country, doing good and patriotism.

  10. These are some good pointers which we can follow kids. And yes visiting a museum depicting India's struggle is in my travel list.

  11. Very good pointers to instill patriotism in young kids. Paying taxes and being everyday hero are the simplest ways to teach them to be responsible citizens.

  12. I second you for instilling values in our children. There are so many good points and patriotism is something we should teach them.

  13. Wow, This is indeed a fantastic post on instilling the importance of one's country in children's mind. Every point written here is implementable. Great Post!

  14. Good points and doable too. Certainly we need to practice it in daily life to make it a habit among kids. Remembering My India should be a daily habit and not to be done only on special days, that makes us proud of our country.

  15. Really, great. This is one of the best way of parenting.

  16. I am loving your posts about patriotism. They are very practical. It gives a genuine feeling of love towards the nation .

  17. I think before children, some parents need to learn to do the above. Especially abiding to the laws and paying taxes. Hahaha. But good list. If parents are already doing the above, they can easily teach their kids to do the same.

  18. This is so important in bringing up our kids as lawful good citizens. But some of these things even parents need to learn! Sometimes people litter places like its a garbage dump, what will kids learn from them!!!


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