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Churails ZEE5 Original Review : Women empower for the justice

“A woman is like a tea bag—you never know how strong she is until she gets in hot water.” Elenor Roosevelt


Women have the bounty full of patience in their kitty but if the level of the patience is broken then one can witness the side of a woman that was never imagined by any. Churails , a thriller web series of ZEE5 showcases the story of four women who turn to the avengers path to bring people on the right path.


Churails – Web Series Details:

Churails web series is ZEE Zindagi show that aired from August 11, 2020. It comprises 10 episodes , each being 55 minute each. With this show ZEE Zindagi begins its journey of multi-cultural shows and also looking forward for global ownership. This show is directed by Abbasi, who is famous for his work in Cake, which was picked by Netflix in 2019.

Churails Review - MeenalSonal
Source: ZEE5.com

Churails Story Line

Churails is a story of how 4 women come together to fight injustice towards women in Karachi. All four women are survivors in one form or another and they all form a group and take the lead for all the injustice towards women by men's patriarchy. They start a detective agency Churails to do their work but to cover up in front of the people they start a Halal Design Boutique. Agency has a very interesting way to conduct the operation, all sales staff are private investigators and you will be surprised to see the changing rooms are the place where all the information about philandering husbands is gathered and the payments of the tasks are fixed.


Star Cast of Churails

The strong star cast of the show is what makes this show special, casting of each character is so well done that you cannot imagine any other actor performing it. The show has the known faces like

Nimra Bucha playing Batool,

Mehar Bano essaying Zubaida,

Sarwat Gilani Mirza played by Sara and

Yasra Rizvi enacted by Jugnoo.

Batool's character has a lot of emotion essaying through the face with little dialogues has been done superbly and Sara's character will make you think how much can a person say in one go. The director Asim Abbasi has done an excellent job with the team plus the screenplay and the narration also hold the viewers to the show.


Accolades for Churails

Churails is being considered as the best feminist series that showcases women from every background that breaks the stereotype about them. The show and the director  Asim Abbasi have been lauded for showcasing women in three dimensions and for essaying the characters across social classes and backdrops.


Churails Web Series - MeenalSonal

Strong Feminist message #MainChurailHoon:

All women if stand together to fight against the injustice, domestic violence and men philandering then the society is surely going to be heaven. And for this to hold true all woman irrespective of age, caste and creed needs to join hands and fight together for women empowerment with the notion #MainChurailHoon


Seeing injustice and staying silent are the days of the past. This show essays that each woman has to find their voice and stay strong and together to speak and act against any sort of patriarchy. Will leave you to ponder on this beautiful quote by actor Mithila Parkar “make our voices heard – loud and clear and articulately as possible”.





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