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EBook Review : Letters from the Soul by Purba Chakraborty

This is the season of Ebooks I feel, as Blogchatter Ebook Carnival is up with 100 of ebooks of various genres right from Travel, food, parenting to Anthologies. The EBook “Letters from Soul” by Purba Chakraborty is our first to review under this carnival blanket and is part of Blogchatter Book Review Program

Poetry Book Review

Book Title:

Letters from the Soul. The title is so intriguing that essays a reader is going to witness writings with heart poured in it and having in depth meaning.

Book Cover:

The cover showcases the girl standing at the horizon with sea in the forefront, which gives many positive vibes while looking at the cover. And the subtitle also adds to the weight of the book that makes the reader to think about the soul searching and soul healing.

About the book:

This book is a collection of 55 poems in more than 24 poetry forms. I as a poetry reader and writer enjoyed reading every prose in the book. The entire collection is divided into 4 seasons Winter, Summer, Autumn and Spring. Each poem speaks volumes in it while pondering on each one takes you to a world of self-thoughts.

My most loved Insides from the book:

The poem Umbrella of God, which is a pattern poem, is so delight to read, it is difficult to express words and form a pattern and must say Purba pulled it off very well.

The poem that says a lot in few lines is titled Beauty, here is the poem that will make you think in positive perspective.

Words become poetry
Coal turns into diamond
A voice sounds like music
Pain metamorphoses into art.
You can see countless pilgrims
On their journey to
That place called Love
Where beauty breathes
In all seasons.

One more excerpt from the book is titled “Cycle”, sharing the poem below

Every time,
I experience a déjà vu moment,
I feel the euphoria of my soul.
Whatever goes away returns back~
The same book in a new cover
The same words in a new tune;
The cycle continues
And we call it
A miracle.

Rule breaker, Fall in Love are also one of the best poetry that I will remember for long.

Likings of the book:

·      Words flow with ease in poetries.
·      Got to know new poetry forms.
·      Short and crisp poetry gives message clear and cut.
·      The titles of the poem are gripping and Purba has excelled in categorizing them into seasons and life phases.
·      Each poem delivers hope and positivity.

Piece of Advice:

Book Cover nowhere mentions it is a collection of poems, so a poet lover may miss it until he/she reads the book blurb.

About the Author:

Purba has 3 books published and many articles in magazines and Anthologies. Purba is a content developer and blogger. She has done her post graduation in English Literature and holds a diploma in creative writing in English. She believes that literature is her safe haven. Apart from reading classics and contemporary works, she is passionate about music, yoga, and traveling.

To download this book, one can visit here and download the pdf copy of this book.

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  1. Thank you so much for the discerning review. Will keep your advice in mind. Glad you enjoyed reading the poems ❤️

    1. Happy that you liked our pointers in the review. Purba, We had a great time reading your poetries.

  2. I love reading poetry and am a kindle reader. So will download this ebook. Thanks for sharing your review.

  3. I'm not a big fan of poetry in general but the pieces you shared in your review certainly have made me want to pick this ebook up. Thank you.
    Noor Anand Chawla

    1. Noor, so we were able to change your mind for poetry. Happy that you liked our suggestion.

  4. I like reading poems, will download the book. Lines from the chapters and the review makes it interesting

    1. Yes poetry lover like you Pragnya will get immersed in the book for sure.

  5. I have already read a few poetries of this ebook, wonderfully written.

  6. The poem is very sweet! I would like to check out this book. Sounds like a soulful read. :)

  7. Thanks for the review. You have posted some beautiful poems!

  8. I have read some of the poems. On the weekend will catch up with more.

  9. I love the poem you mentioned in your review and I can judge how beautiful the ebook will be. I will going to read it all.

  10. This is a great review. I never knew that were so many forms in poetry.

  11. This sounds like a good book for poem lovers. Thanks for sharing this helpful post

  12. I love to read poems and the ones you've shared have made me curious enough to read more. Liked Purba's writing style.

  13. i am not much in poetry and their genres but this was very informative. i think every new concept helps us learn something new.

  14. The titles of the poems reflect the poems are sure to be great and deep meaning.

  15. Its great to know about this ebook of poems. I am not that much into poetry but the words are beautiful.


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