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Book Review : Kanha to Krishna by Pranab Mullick

I thank Blogchatter for giving me the opportunity to review this book. When I received the paperback copy of the book ‘Kanha to Krishna’. I was sure to read stories that I have been grown up listening and reading but to my surprise author Pranab Mullick has its own style of narrating the legendary stories. This is my honest review of the book; lets see the review with all the details in the post.
Book Title:
KANHA to KRISHNA, The Journey to Divinity
Book Cover:
The cover is very unique which clearly depicts the transformation of a simple cowherd Kanha to the divine Krishna. The picture perfectly blends with crisp title at the center with the author name too in next line. The white gap that holds the book title and author name kind of serve as a bridge that KANHA crosses to be KRISHNA.
Pranab Mullick Book Review by MeenalSonal

About the Author:
Pranab Kumar Mullick has won many accolades since he was a child. His love for writing was imbibed from his grandfather Dr Raghunath Mullick, and his father late Kali Sankar Mullick who authored many renowned books, short stories and poems on mythological themes.
Pranab has written short stories in both English and Bengal;i his Bengali short stories have been published in reputed magazines like 'Nabakallol' and 'Katha Sahitya' amongst others.
This book Kanha to Krishna - The Journey to Divinity is his debut novel.

The Foreword:
The novel begins with the Author's note which clearly depicts his love for Krishna and leaves a clear message that God takes avatar on Earth to set an example for humans that anything can be achieved through hard work, intelligence, focus and dedication.

The Obvious Plot with a Gripping Twist:
The book takes us in the era of Kanha's birth in tough circumstances where rains were playing havoc on the cowherd’s village. The birth of the little one brings with him a lot of happiness to his parents Nand Rai and Yashoda. His cute face mesmerized each one in the village. The cowherd Kanha happily lived with his parents playing pranks all around the village especially with girls. The Gopi’s of the town of Mathura were grieved by the torture of King Kansa, but kept quiet, as they had no guts to face Kansa and his soldiers.
The book proceeds describing the assistant of Kansa, Chanur who wanted to build his own tribal empire by guiding Kansa in the wrong way and made him believe certain false predictions and imprisoned his parents, sister and brother-in-law. The cunning tactics and the political tricks gripped Kansa in such a way that he believed him blindly and always looked for him as a guide in every decision he made.
The book depicts the phase where Hastinapur, Mathura and all the neighboring princely states were fighting for the expansion of their own empires. All took several political pathways to attain a friendly gesture with the neighboring states to attack in unison to attain the ultimate title of 'Rajchakravarti'.
Among the complete turmoil how an innocent cowherd was recognized as one of the avatars of Vishnu and how the prediction plays its role in safeguarding Kanha is worth reading. The transformation from Kanha to Krishna is filled with treachery, betrayals, sacrifice, dedication, patience, and hard work and above all to end the sufferings of the innocent.
·      How difficult or easy was this journey?
·      How can one sacrifice everything for others?
·      How do we identify the chosen one?
The answer to all these above questions are beautifully explained by the author.

Peacock feather in the author's cap:
·      Though we all are very much aware about the Krishna Leela and the stories related to the incarnation of Vishnu I would suggest that this book has something to say in a strikingly different manner.
·      The author here explains how a strong political mind can catch hold of ones thoughts to grip someone to perform in the way he likes.
·      The chapters are assigned very apt title and to compliment them the author has incorporated various thoughts by other renounced authors.
·      Superb vocabulary and the narration of every moment whether it is conversation of Radha and Krishna or the pampering of Yashoda Maiyya or the war sequences all just sways smoothly as though every sequence is running before my eyes.

Final Word:
Though the story is very familiar to everyone but the way it is essayed answering the why and why not for the decisions that were made at that time is incredible.
It is for all the book lovers who are looking for rich vocabulary and something refreshing from the tales that most of us grown up listening.
I was glued to the book until I finished reading it.
But it still grips me to think was this the way that is portrayed by the author actually happened?

Book Details:
Name: KANHA to KRISHNA, The Journey to Divinity
Author: Pranab Kumar Mullick
Genre: Fiction, Mythology
Publisher: Readomania
Price: 295 INR
My Rating: 4.5/5


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