Sunday 23 June 2019

EBook Review: Journey Sutra by Ujjwal Mishra

In past few months there has been lot of reading, be it fantasy land books, spiritual books and of course lots of ebooks in the Blogchatter Ebook Carnival. So it has been busy reading and reviewing past months. In the Book review series, next we have is “Journey Sutra” authored by my dear friend Ujjwal; this is the third book review for the Blogchatter EbookCarnival.


Journey Sutra, Life in Highlights.

AuraOfThoughts-Journey Sutra Book Review

Book Cover: 

Cover has an image of a couple kissing cutely each other in the backdrop of snowfall. It also showcases that the story revolves around the couple and it completely justifies the plot.

About the author: 

Ujjwal Mishra very proudly shapes her thoughts on her blog “My Words My Wisdom”. Her strength for writing is strongly essayed with her story telling style with brilliant imagination. She has won many accolades across various platforms where she conveys her thoughts social issues, parenting and technology. Balancing family and writing, she has excelled in both the fields extraordinarily.

She has a vibrant personality, and I personally like the way she carries her thoughts and expresses them in beautiful manner. This is her debut Ebook, and I am sure everyone is loving her book.

Story Outline: 

“Journey Sutra” is a story about a couple named Antara & Suvin, where every stage of their love life is described in the book in phase’s manner. Antara narrates the story and all her opinions are voiced exuberantly. Why she narrates the story and how she deals with her life’s surprises are well told in the story by the author.

Catch in the Plot:

It is not the normal story plot where characters meet and day by day the story move forwards.

This is a story of a woman who narrates her story, so now you can guess in which way the story moves. (No spoiler, so disclosing things in different manner J)

My favorites from the book:

·      Ujjwal Mishra has an interesting plot and narration style, that binds the reader to know what would happen next.

·      The character Antara is so relatable that you feel, she is girl next door yet author has surprises for us in every chapter.

·      One of the chapters titled “Quinoa” stole my heart and I laughed with each line I read.

·      Reader will surely love the character Suvin, who silently yet dominantly becomes your favorite with each passing chapter.

Things need to be added:

·      Since this is eBook, I would love to see more font styles for each character, so it becomes more distinctive when we read scrolling down.

·      I felt last chapter could have been linked to the first to create a greater impact.

Final Word:

Pick this book and flow in the love of Antara & Suvin , where Ujjwal Mishra has a surprise package in each chapter. With little more refinement I am sure this will become a success novella. Take the Journey Sutra ride with excellent narrating style and fill your hearts with bundles of love.

Book Details:

Book : Journey Sutra
Author: Ujjwal Mishra
Genre: Romantic Fiction
Format: Ebook, pdf
Pages: 73
Price: Free to download for limited time. Download this book for FREE from here.
My say: 4/5


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  1. I had enjoyed reading Ujjwal's posts during the A-Z Challenge and your review fully captures the spirit of her book. Well-written!

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  8. I would agree with your review Sonal. I like the characters of the love story and fell more as chapters kept rolling.

  9. This journey of different stages sounds so interesting ..I will surely get this and read...Thanks for sharing !!

  10. I will try to download and read the book. The Review seems to highlight all notable points of teh book. Thank you

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  15. This book sounds a great read for my weekend reading plans.

  16. I love reading those books where I can relate myself with the story. Hope Antara is an attractive character here and I'm going to read this soon. During monsoon, a rainy evening with tea and this book. Don't you think so apt???


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