Thursday 20 April 2017

Peripheral Happiness

happiness poem - auraofthoughts

How are you doing is usual question,
Answer varies depending on situation.
But mostly I say ‘I am doing good’,
Even if I am fussy or in a bad mood.
Thinking what world would understand,
It’s only peripheral face that is still stand.

Nameless are emotions flowing high,
Smiling artificially without a sigh.
But then my heart says it is all oafish,
Listen to what you admire and wish
Meander path let everyone take
I shall bake my own cake.

I shall look for happiness in real,
And not dependent on ties surreal.
Transparency is surely beneficial,
Works practically and is ideal,
Shall not look for ties superficial

Being deep happy is true sense jovial.

Writing for #AtoZChallenge April 2017,  Day 16 - P for Peripheral.
& sharing with 3#WWW 528 - Meander, Nameless, Oafish.



  1. I loved the way you expressed amazing thoughts with poetry. I have a huge respect for all those amazing writers who know the art of poetry. yes happiness is a beautiful positive emotion and we all should try to be happy and positive despite adverse outer situations.

  2. Superficial ties are hardly beneficial to both. The only times that survive the test of time are those that have touched your heart and mind. Very well said.

  3. Every word is poignant. We do fake our emotions and say all is fine even when the heart is bleeding.The word peripheral reminded me of my son's illness-peripheral neuropathy. I had never heard of this and had to look it up.

  4. Yes we should crave our own way and follow our own heart. Lets not find happiness outside its right within us. Love yourself and embrace life as it comes

  5. We all hide worlds behind those smiles. And this is true, when anyone asks, how are we doing, we hardly tell the truth. Maybe, we are evolved to fight our wars alone and maybe that's the part of life.


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