Saturday 8 April 2017

Game of Blaming

One game which is famous world wide and played by all is 'Game of Blaming'. You may think one doesn't blame someone unnecessarily or does it happen unconsciously by everyone.

Here age group is no bar each person is trained to play this game from their early age. I shall point out few instances where most of us could relate to this topic. When a toddler falls on ground while playing, elders generally pick up child and start scolding the ground and simultaneously sooth the child saying "It's a play ground mistake which is uneven and poor child believes so and starts stamping the ground really hard.

Now the question arises 'Is this game played with anyone?' No it can't be played with anyone; it is generally played with a person or thing which does not react strongly, for example weaker person, unknown person or least could be any non living thing and prime section is God, which can be blamed for any wrong in the world.

In relationship too, we play this blame game and try to escape the true inner voice or rather we don't want to face the reality. Such games gives bitter experiences which ruins the relationship. So stay away from such games :)

Writing for #AtoZChallenge April 2017,  Day 7 - Letter G - Game of Blaming



  1. I could not agree more, Sonal. Truly a masterpiece. And what a coincidence! I too shared the example of children falling on ground in my latest post written on slut-shaming.

    1. Really! So we are on same page with examples :))
      Thanks for your encouraging words Ravish Mani.

  2. You can say common as now we have many platforms to blame too.
    Thanks for visiting Bushra :)


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