Monday 24 April 2017

Tall Grandeur

The above image is Poets United poetry pantry#350 prompt, that inspired us to pen down this poem.

O' Giraffe you inspire me,
Standing tall & looking high.
You are ambassador of Survival 
Be guiding officer for real.

Banish thoughts that kill you,
Be in a house that hugs you.
Leave petulant attitude back,
Stay calm & then wisely react.

Lightly & slowly mark your journey, 
Liberosis, new attire is worthy than money.
In your wardrobe newness is sure,
Smile and confidence, medicines that will cure.

 Keeping high grandeur makes the foundation strong,
Mightily one must act long.
Learn to evolve in different situation,

Whatsoever be the condition.


Writing for 
#AtoZChallenge April 2017, Day 20 - Letter T - T for Tall and Sharing witby  in Wordle Wordle#152



  1. We should all take lessons from the grandeur of the giraffe.

  2. First a hearty welcome!

    There is much wisdom in your words, beautiful writing and excellent use of the words

    mlm (Yves)

  3. I love that you let this giraffe inspire you to write this and that second stanza is a particularly wonderful reminder for us to heed in our own lives!


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