Tuesday 4 April 2017

Creep In to Understand

Dazzle looks makes our decisions faster,
No time to creep in and no relook chapter.

Pages are turning recklessly quicker,
Voluminous emotions erupt closer.

Though instant messages are hit,
Pause and take time to ponder deep.

Quick stuff can’t be always sturdy,
Flimsy layer fades with minute study.

True Love shall acts as catalyst here,
Which unites everyone lastingly here.

Creep in deeper and look for your soul partner,
with cooler mindset and heart more calmer.

Maketh a habit to think twice,
As earnest relations is truly prized.

Writing for #AtoZChallenge April 2017, Day 3 – April 4 –Letter C – C for Creep In
Also sharing with 3 WWW#525 - Dazzle, Erupt, Flimsy



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