Friday 28 April 2017

Xerox Copy

Universal truth opposites attracts
But what is that eventually distracts

When two are sailing together in motion
Differences in thoughts leads to commotion

Your partner is a completely different person
You acknowledged it with love & compassion

Slowly dissimilar things were not merrier
You no longer enjoy distinctiveness in your carrier
Aura of thoughts - AtoZChallenge
Shedding dissimilarities is now unimaginable
You have chosen an individual with full potential 

Now you think making your clone was much easier
Than asking your partner to change with calmer

Don’t look for your Xerox copy forever
You have the original and best partner

Apprize the dissimilarity in between you two
Love and understanding only solutions to glue

This poem essays the need people feel to see the change in their partner as they wish, which is quite impossible. One should respect the individuality and love the person as he/she is like. I would say life would be great with dissimilarities and "If there is no contradictions, no thrill in life".

Writing for #AtoZChallenge April 2017, Day 24 - Letter X - X for Xerox Copy


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