Friday 21 April 2017

Revamp Yourself

Ever wondered the power in letters 'Re', it is power packed and supremely positive, just an approach is required to create the magic. Lets look at few words that do its magic in our life

Revisit – Go to your favourite place that creates an aura of positivity and new outlook each time you have been there. Be it a place far off or a corner in your home; be there to grasp the positivity often.

Reverse – This is what we want to do when we do a mistake or want to move ahead after the bad moments. Though it can’t be done practically but surely can achieve the feeling by erasing such memories from mind.

Rewind - The cherished memories which gives your relationship an uplift should always be remembered, as such moments makes your bond more strong and help one to move forward after a phase.

Restore - Happy emotions should be kept safe same way as we keep our valuables, so that whenever you want them, it’s there to cheer you up.

Recreate – Some settings in your phone gives best of the result, similarly few things and their timings recreates the magic, so know your settings and just feel the happiness.

Reconnect – This is most important aspect in one’s relationship. Reconnect with your heart; find the small things that spread its aura of positivity.

Report – Discovering of the errors and saying it to the person can be huge task be I am sure once you do it you will be relieved. So say things you don’t like in your relationship, speak up!

Redirect – If you feel the path is going in opposite direction, so it’s time to act and redirect it, sometimes little efforts pay us hugely at the end, so make that effort to redirect the stuff.

Recognize – Recognition is the biggest path breaker in any relationship, recognize people and recognize he positive attitude that makes you keep going.

So reload your dear ones to refill your lost magic and rediscover the unseen happiness. It's time to revamp our relationship chord to make it strong and lively, so don't forget reassess.

Writing for #AtoZChallenge April 2017, Day 18 - Letter R - Revamp 



  1. Such a lovely post with a beautiful message.

  2. A very inspiring post .Loved what you tried to say

  3. What a creative, encouraging post. I plan to "revisit" it again ;-) Found you through the A to Z Challenge.

  4. Re-connecting and Re-directing in Relationship is most important part of our life. Very well conveyed.

  5. I loved recognizing the power of rediscovery as highlighted in your post. This is such a wonderful thought.


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