Sunday 30 April 2017

ZEAL – Main Ingredient

Couldn't find a single minute piece
My puzzle lay incomplete to tease

Every order I try hard to frame
All my ideas however go in vain

A little puzzled I stood in a nook
Realized where that piece could hook

A piece of dream plus dash of passion     
Quickly made my problem shun

Jigsaw puzzle like life is only complete
With the zealous heart all set to compete

A piece is dependent on other parts
As we related to many in life's part

If all fit in right place at right time 
Handling relationship is like song with rhyme 

Zealous heart is life's main ingredient 
Keeps everyone binded while situations being variant

Try new dish centering Zeal

Surely you will have content meal.

Writing for #AtoZChallenge April 2017, Day 26 - Letter Z - Z for ZEAL


With this post we have completed #AtoZChallenge of blogging 26 days with 26 letters. Had a great time writing for this challenge. To read all the post of this year's challenge, see here AtoZChallenge2017



  1. Hi Meenal, such a lovely poem on Zeal. I enjoyed it thoroughly :)

    1. Thank you Narinder. It's so nice to read posts on Zeal. We enjoyed reading your post too :)

  2. Wonderful poem Meenal. Congratulations on completing the competition on a high
    Twinkling Tina Cooks

    1. Thanks Tina. And yes congratulations to all of us on completing the challenge.


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