Thursday 11 May 2017

Reflections : #AtoZChallenge

The month that has maximum number of posts on our blog was April 2017, and reason is clear AtoZChallenge. Yes 26 posts in a month, what a taxing days. We decide to participate in this challenge in March but were quite confused with the theme. Only in march last week we came up with a theme ‘Relationship’ and then scheduled 3 posts, rest of the posts was spontaneous with the letters.

We didn’t stick to poetry, short stories or a post, as it would be more constraint to us. So wrote in every form to express various views on relationship theme. The post which was acknowledged by fellow bloggers is Quest for Connectivity and most viewed is Justifications.

It was crazy month which we loved to fullest as we connected with some excellent writers through this challenge. It’s always good to read others perspective on that particular letter.
One needs motivation for such challenge to be completed, and Blogchatter played a great role for us. Each day was supportive by them and to participate in the ebook carnival at the end hosted by them made us more consistent with our posts. Soon we are publishing are ebook named “Tangled Relationships yet Sweet", details shall be shared shortly.
We are so happy to flaunt our AtoZChallenge survivor badge. Read our all posts here

We earned it!

Now it’s time to share our learning’s from AtoZChallenge in reflections post
  • Schedule your posts for at least a week to get a breather in between.
  • Publish post early in a day and rest of the day can be used to commenting, promoting and connecting on social platforms
  • Stick to theme for better results or else you may end up writing on subjects which are not close to your heart.
  • Read random blogs and connect more rather than reading a single blog each day, though you can stick to your favorite reading list :)



  1. Well done for making it to the end of the challenge. I agree with all your tips!

    Cait @ Click's Clan

    1. Cait, I feel we all have learned a lot through this challenge.

  2. Congratulations on finishing the challenge. Donna from Girl Who Reads

    1. Thanks Dona! We all were running together for finishing line, glad we all reached there.

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