Wednesday, 20 May 2015

My Expert MOM

At every stage in life,
I look back for your valuable advise.
Your guiding hand nurtured, 
a raw life with loving gestures.

My mentor, my friend, my strength,
in any role play you are a hit.
Steadily taking utmost care,
your pat infuses an optimistic flare.

I do remember each instance 
how hard was to send me school.
Tears rolling down my eyes,
were wiped with a hesitant smile.

Each time in life I stumble,
you are there before I tumble.
Didn't let any fear make a room,
taught me to be prepared for a zoom.

Right attitude made me through,
as I learned tolerance from you.
Handling all pressure each time
giving my best every time.

Interview was a huge nightmare,
only till your advice made me prepared.
Your confidence in me made me strong 
and I excelled it with a big bang.

Now even though I am a mom,
but for you I am still a tom.
Everything I do imitating like you,
my role model & my first expert is only you.

Your encouraging words made me giggle,
to cross each minute hurdle.
Oh! dear mom I always wish, 
nothing but a smile on your lips.

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  1. nice poem Meenal have put all emotions out there :) all the best :)

  2. Beautiful post for mom! :)

  3. Beautifully captured emotions for a mom. Came straight from your heart and touched mine!


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