Wednesday, 13 May 2015

True Bonding

“Mom my lesson says that Father, Mother, brother and sister makes a family; is it true?” asked 8 year old Rohan innocently.

“This is one of the way we look at a family dear, but there are many more” answered Deepa entering the details in register.

She added, “When there no negative intentions against each other, where no justification is required for our actions, where only love and understanding lingers everywhere and a mere dream of departing from them gives a haunting impulse.”

“Is it mom? Now I understood what a family means then I have surely an extensive family with me” Rohan said confidently who was feeling abandoned before this conversation.

Phone rang and Rohan took leave of his mother and Deepa answered the call saying “Hello, ‘Grow Gracefully Old Age Home’ I am Deepa the assistant caretaker”.

Sharing with Five Sentence Fiction - Family, Two Shoes Texas-intent/action & 3WWW #426  - haunting, impulse & lingers.



  1. It would be nice to think that there were more Old Age homes that had staff with this attitude of mind. She gave wonderful advice to her young son let's hope he remembers it

  2. I so agree with her that family is far more inclusive than the traditional model of parents and children. I have those who I consider family, connected not by blood by our hearts, and I love them dearly. I think the people who reside at this care home are very lucky to have her watching over them, and her son will grow up to understand much about life!

  3. Lovely is Ms. Deepa. How blessed are her son and the people in her care.


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