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How Surprise Someone Builds Future with Recycled Paper

Do we ever have a count on how many papers are used in our writing or how many trees are cut to make 10 copies? Though the world is going digital day by day yet many activities require paper. Creating a paper without deforestation is one of the best possible ways. In our recent #EnvironmentalTalks with Pinky Maheshwari we came to know various aspects of papermaking and the art of customizing. Let us share with you about the organization and the founders of Surprise Someone and interview insights with Pinky Maheshwari.

Surprise Someone

It creates paper from the waste rags and cotton and not from paper, plus the papers have seeds planted in it so when these papers are discarded a sapling grows into a plant; by this, the enterprise is not only contributing towards the environment but also creating a business model that is sustainable for years and years. 

To conserve the environment and reduce deforestation this enterprise is making a wave of change and showing the path to many aspiring entrepreneurs. This enterprise gives livelihood to many rural people, and it also received an excellence award in an innovative product category. It is in the list of best 50 Start-up India at the India International Trade Fair in 2017. To train 10,000 girls to be self-sufficient and educate them this enterprise has a bright vision for the future generation. 

Founder of Surprise Someone: Sharda Daga & Pinky Maheshwari

Surprise Someone makes recycled handmade paper. The Surprising element is that they don’t cut TREES to make paper, they make paper from cotton rags/ waste cotton. All the products they make are 100% Eco Friendly and made from #recycled #handmade #paper.


Another interesting thing about this handmade paper is that they decided to add seeds inside the paper (#SEEDpaper) while making it so that whenever paper bag or journal or box made of that paper is trashed, IT WILL Help grow PLANTS.

Mother-Daughter Duo

Mother Sharda and daughter Pinky are creating waves in the women's enterprise sector as they are setting the right example of utilizing the resources to the maximum and at the same time customizing. 

In her interview, she also showcased how well they package so that they use minimum space for the shipping and it is easy for customers also to use and save it for the future. 

Calling from Environment

Pinky Maheshwari says though born to Environmentalist parents and living around trees and plants she pursued her MBA dream and worked for top MNC’s for a decade in her career but one day eventually she quit as the environment was the calling and one day experiment of making paper turned to her passion.

You can watch the video here how the process of making recycled paper.


After creating the first paper bag from waste paper and vests the business is now grown many-fold to inspire thousands of entrepreneurs.

Pinky Maheshwari is an entrepreneur coach and has trained 4900 plus candidates to fulfill their dream. She is a consultant faculty in Govt Of India, NSIC (National Small Scale Industry Corporation). 

How was your start to the journey?

Pinky told us that though as everyone she also received the initial hitch where the company wanted to know how many of them have ordered their products but did not want to be the first. But when they looked at her product and from small orders, now the enterprise is fulfilling orders from many companies and also personal orders, corporate orders.

Do people need to invest in marketing

From her experience there is no need to spend money on the initial 3 years, as the base is set to let the customers know the product, she also shared how digital marketing has changed the face of the marketing and approach towards the customer.

How a company can check on its carbon footprint and responsibility towards the environment

Pinky says each industry has a scope to improve and by small changes, the impact can be bigger.

Importance of Knowing customer & advice to the customer

Surprise Someone has been featured on many accolades and also is one of the Amazon sellers to feature under environment. From a consumer point of view, we need to select a product that is working towards the betterment of nature.

Imbibing responsibility in the younger generation

With products like plantable Rakhi and plantable drawing, the book makes kids responsible towards the environment and also makes them accountable for their actions.

For more details do watch this interview where Pinky Maheshwari shares many of her insights into the industry in a candid way.

With this interview insights post, we are closing our #EnvironmentalTalks series for the year but will keep bringing you the interview and insights from the experts of the field in the coming year too. Till then as responsible citizens let us save natural resources and do our bit towards the environment as we believe every bit is saved for a better future. You can also read the post, "What the EcoBloggers community says on the environment". 

This post is a part of the #CauseAChatter of the Blogchatter, you can read all our environment blogposts here.

With this blog post, we are ending the blog posts for the year 2021, wishing you all good luck for the coming year of 2022. We shall bring to you all many more posts filled with positivity and optimism in the coming year. Thank you all for reading our blogs and supporting us.



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