Friday 3 December 2021

How To Manage Fabrics To Build Better Future #EnvironmentalTalks

One more!

One more!

We fill up our wardrobe 

That adds to the chore. 

Yes! We all do. We fill our wardrobes with all necessary clothing and a few clothes are gifted and a few are bought on spur of the moment. The fact is that we end up with too many clothes in our wardrobe and sometimes we do not know what to do with them. To ease out this trouble we talked to Amita, founder of Bharati Reuse Studio in our #EnvironmentalTalks session and gained a few solutions for it. Let us look at the highlights of the session in the blogpost. 

Amita: Founder of Bharati Reuse Studio:

Amita worked as a Business Consultant for more than a decade in financial services, retail, manufacturing, government sectors. Being a mother of 2, she wanted to spend more time with family and gave up the corporate job. She became a yoga trainer and trained children to deal with allergies, obesity taking the guidance of their treating pediatrician. Yoga helped her with her spiritual journey and as a part of giving back to the environment, she started Bharati Reuse Studio to explore contemporary methods and requirements of fabric reuse.


Snippets of the interview with Amita

The inspiration behind Bharati Reuse Studio :

Amita shares that her love for sewing started when her grandmother used to sew clothes for her and her family. Listening to her grandmother's stories Amita always knew that she had a keen interest in stitching and designing that took the forefront after she stepped into motherhood. Managing all the clothing of the kids she always wondered what to do with so many clothes. Donating clothes was primarily an option and she does that but few clothes had an emotional value attached to them and she wanted to restore them. Then she started reusing the clothes in a different manner.

Why Reuse is better than Recycling:

Amita communicates that Reusing things is always helpful to the environment as we are recreating by adding little to the present thing whereas the Recycling process needs so many resources that in turn puts weight on the environment. So she suggests we all should reuse things than always thinking of recycling.

Believer in Zero Waste:

Amita firmly believes in zero waste management, from the day she started making compost at home. She is very particular that each part of the fabric can be used in a way that enhances the beauty of the product and at the same time useful and durable too.

How Emotional Connect with Fabrics is retained

Bharati reuse studios keep your emotional connection with fabrics, yes a few clothes that are passed on from generation to generation may not be used the same way but can be re-designed into another way to keep the emotional value to it. Amita and her team have redesigned a set of old cotton sarees to the quilt which gives the warmth and care of their family to the customer. Have a look at the options that can be of fabric instead of plastic.

Balancing Social, Economical & Environmental Factors

By taking up the charge of reusing, Bharati Reuse Studio not only takes social responsibility by reducing the waste dump of fabrics but also shoulders the economical factor too by employing the people who are skilled in their tasks and look for work in the short term. By bringing the best out of the leftover clothes and redesigning the clothes to give a new look with the same feel Bharati Reuse Studios is winning hearts.

You can reach her at and check her website 

The interview with Amita was filled with learning through her experiences, check the detailed session here.

This post is a part of the #EnvironmentalTalks of #CauseAChatter of Blogchatter where we are writing about environment-related topics for the whole year. You can read all the posts related to the environment here.


  1. Amita's journy is really inspiring and she is doing a great job with Bharati reuse studio. it is great that they are taking social responsibility by reducing the waste dump of fabrics and also providing employment opportunity for those people who are skilled in their tasks. thanks a lot for sharing her inspiring journey with us.

  2. I have watched this interview and was very inspired by Amita and her work. Her simplicity stole my heart . There is so much extra and unnecessary stuff that we keep collecting in our wardrobes. We need people like Amita who can channelized it towards something big.

  3. Amrita and her reuse studio is doing wonderful work promoting sustainable methods of reading clothes.As you mentioned reusing is easier than recycling as that needs much more resources.

  4. Very interesting Meenal. Even I am all for reuse. Now I have lost the zest for life or else I would like to start something like Amita's Bharatireuse Studio. I really admire her for what she is doing.

  5. Oh I didn't know that such a thing existed. Lovely concept. I also agree that reusing things is good until it's not usable anymore.

  6. glad to know about Amita and her work. when it comes to reusing/recycling , I think she is setting a good example by walking the talk.

  7. This is sustainability at its best. She is definitely inspiring and doing a great thing. I'm definitely interested in checking out their services and see if I can give some of mine

  8. I think as Responsible human it's high time that we start understanding that we cannot take our environment for granted. There are many ways though with we can contribute at our level to save mother earth and Anita's initiative and creating is a beautiful example of that.

  9. This is an absolutely worthy and thoughtful initiative by her. It was so good knowing about her. Retaining the emotional value along with preserving our environment means so much.

  10. Reusing in such an amazing way, upcycling is a very much my thing from leftover food to cartons i try to recycle as much possible, although Bharati's reuse studio is completely at a different level.

    -Ujjwal Mishra

  11. Wow, this is definitely a very new concept. Amrita and her team is doing a beautiful work of reusing old fabrics . This is very inspiring.

  12. This is a good initiative and her journey is interesting and inspiring. indeed ,we all can be mindful and reuse fabrics in different avatars!

  13. I'm guilty of unnecessary shopping but this lockdown and covid situation taught me to buy only what's needed as I had to do away with lots of my kids clothes which were unused and went small in size due to lockdown. This is a wonderful initiative taken up and her journey has been inspiring.


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