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Take Good Care Of Your Hair- Traya Review

Have you recently been terrified by the amount of hair you see in your drain or around your house? Don't worry you are not alone. We have all been there. Statistics suggest that 1 in 4 women in India suffer from female pattern hair loss or androgenic alopecia between the ages of 21-60. And I found out recently that the reason for this is not shampoo, weather, or chemical and heat treatments like we are made to think. 

These things can indeed cause hair damage but they only lead to hair breakage and damage in texture and would not cause hair to fall from the roots. Today we are going to do a Traya review of hair loss treatment. 

A few weeks ago, I started panicking about the quantity of my hair loss. And when I started looking for solutions and I came across a company called Traya health. They had a free hair loss diagnosis form known as Traya Dx so I took the test. It had questions about my hair, health history, lifestyle, and was complete with a scalp image. After I submitted the form I got a call from their hair expert. The best part was, this call was free! They explained to me why they asked the questions that they did. Turns out hair loss can occur as a result of family history, internal health (digestion, metabolism, and absorption), health conditions (PCOS, thyroid, and anemia), vitamin deficiencies, stress, and even pollution. My diagnosis was female pattern hair loss or androgenic alopecia. My triggers were internal health and stress. I was then recommended a completely comprehensive treatment plan. I wanted some time to do my research so I read a traya review online. They had great reviews and they also had a money-back guarantee. However, the treatment plan needed to be used for five months consecutively. So, I purchased the kit. 

Once I purchased the treatment plan. I got a call from their hair coach at the scheduled time. My hair coach was Sakshi. She asked me questions about my lifestyle, current diet, water intake, weight over the past year, and then explained the treatment plan. She told me what will happen month on month and how the treatment plan will be curated. She also told me about the diet plan. Everyone who gets on the Traya treatment plan gets a diet plan. The diet plan is made by the nutritionist and Ayurveda doctor. It is meant to be a low pitta diet. The reason for this is according to Ayurveda, high pitta can result in increased hair loss. High pitta can be caused by oily, fried, spicy, processed, sour, and certain fermented foods. So the diet plan suggests that you restrict it and substitute it with other foods. When I was reading the Traya review some people even said they were able to manage their weight better with this diet. So I was super excited! 

She then explained that the next step will be assigning my case to the Traya doctors - a dermatologist, an Ayurvedic doctor, and a nutritionist. Once they finished writing the prescription my kit would be shipped, and I would receive it within seven days. 

Once I received the kit. It had all my recommended products and a prescription. The prescription had the name, signature, and license number of the doctors. 

I've just started using the treatment so if you want to know how it worked. You're going to have to check-in at the end of the month. So stay tuned for my traya review about the efficacy of the treatment. 

Now, let's talk about what I liked most about 

Traya Health's diagnostic and treatment recommendation: 

1. I like that the Traya Dx and the call with the hair expert are free. And they are not just a pushy sales call but very informative. My hair coach spent about 20 minutes explaining my hair loss condition to me. 

2. They have components in the treatment that addresses each of your hair loss triggers. Like in my case my metabolism and absorption were a problem so I was prescribed Health Tatva, and for the stress trigger, my Traya scalp oil was customized with ylang-ylang essential oil which helps one relax and alleviate stress. 

3. The treatment is truly holistic, and doctor prescribed. Because hair is such a vital part of our self-image, using anything on your hair is quite scary. But the honesty of their process is very reassuring to me. They were also very honest about the time it will take for me to see results. The Traya review that you read online will show that when you follow it for the recommended time it truly works. 

Now, let's talk about the cons: 

1. The diet plan can be a little difficult for people to follow. Since the substitutes they suggest might not be readily available everywhere. 

2. Even though they explained the reason, the time it takes to see results is quite long. So, if you are planning to take the treatment you need to be ready for a commitment. 

That's all for my traya review. Comment below for any questions or reach out to the Traya team. 

Do you look for expert advice for hair fall problems or try home remedies to overcome them?

Share your views on how you deal with hair fall issues?


  1. I really liked the step of knowing the reason behind hair loss. We start following a certain treatment or products. But knowing the root cause is a very important step to get accurate results.

  2. Quality of hair is now becoming a Trending topic and matter of concern. I am also facing rough hair and hair fall issues. This post was enlightening and shed light on many of my issues

  3. Traya products sound good and effective. My hair is falling a lot and I will surely try them out. Hope they work for me

  4. I am hearing a lot about Traya hair care services and products all across the web. I really liked their basic principles and methodology. will surly check out their website to know more about it. thanks a lot for sharing your honest experience with us with this post.

  5. Talking to an expert and customizing your hair product is singing I anyways wanted to an HD glad this product had that option. Well yes I do try some home made remedies but this sounds more interesting.

  6. Quality and quantity both the hair broblems I have. This post was enlightening and shed light on many of my issues. Traya products sound good and effective. My hair is falling a lot and I will surely try them out.

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  8. I just try to eat right and pray my hair does not fall much. But this seems like a great product that is working well for you.

  9. I usually try out home remedies for hair fall ,taken protein rich diet for it.

  10. This sounds like a promising treatment. I definitely want to hear about your experience and result. How much does this plan cost? Coz hair fall is something we are all definitely dealing with, and if some treatment can help and give results, i definitely want to try it out too.

  11. Hair loss is a common problem for both men and women everywhere. I feel that Traya products can help anyone who suffers from hair loss. Personally I have never faced the need of hair loss treatment.

  12. Ever since I've moved to Delhi from Mumbai, my hairs have become worse. I would love to try this out if it helps my hair as your review is promising to me.

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