Wednesday 10 November 2021

How Blogging evolved us in Life

Every journey starts with that one tiny step and brings with it loads of surprises and learnings. Our blogging journey of 8 long years and still going keeps us motivated and energized to continue to travel on the road that we opted for. The path was not rosy though when we began, we sister blogger duo MeenalSonal curated the blog auraofthoughts to present the world power of positivity. 

Success and contentment can be balanced when there is a balance of hard work and consistency. It holds true for us where we have reaped each blog post with thoughtfulness, positivity, and care. We are ecstatic to share that we have completed 600 blog posts on this blog. And with this milestone, we would again like to pause and reflect on our journey.

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This beautiful blogging journey imbibed in us values that made us believe in ourselves more and more. The 5 ethos that keeps us going are: 

Be Curious

Be Consistent

Be Yourself

Be Supportive

Be a Change

Blogging is celebrating the power of oneness, positivity, and consistency. 

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Our Learning in Blogging Journey:

  • Take incremental steps to reach the perfectness in curating great content. 
  • Set some goals and strive to stick to them for consistent and purposeful content. 
  • Keep experimenting with new methods and adopting new ways to improvise the content. 
  • Have a habit of taking your negative points sportively and develop the habit of correcting yourself. 
  • Explore your inner self and come up with brilliant ideas.

Our Blogging Landmarks

A journey that started with the sole motto to share thoughts that would instill positivity among readers and make them believe that every situation has an angle that could give an optimistic outlook. With this, we started penning thoughts in varied formats and genres; exploring each one at a time and holding the hands, and understanding the nits and grits of blogging we will be completing 8 years in Dec 2021. 

Creating content that shines with a positive aura has made our blog to be listed in Top Indian Blogs for four consecutive years and also ranked among the Top 20 Indian Lifestyle Bloggers list at Feedspot. Such milestones are perks of being dedicated and such recognitions give us an added spark to work harder.

Being a blogger, we do influence the thoughts of the readers in an approach that is fruitful to them or gives readers a moment to think on a subject they have not pondered upon earlier. We always put forth our honest views across and also voiced our opinions on social subjects like Women's Empowerment, Education, and Environment. We take the responsibility in sharing content that makes the world a better place with thoughtful minds.

Poetries resonated with readers made us believe that expressions through this format connect with the audience instantly and remain with them for a longer time than a text. In past years our poetry has been published in various anthologies and has also won poetic competitions. Writing poetry in Hindi has also built a strong readership of our blog and sharing the snippet of the poetry that is most loved.

Penning our parenting experiences as we share with our friends and relatives connected us with parents; we also consolidated parenting new age mantras in an ebook titled ‘Parenting-An Intangible Wonder.

Short stories can sometimes explain the message in a subtle manner where a lengthy post cannot. We dived in this genre to fill hearts with buckets of compassion and affection.

A person evolves with a book and we believed in this thought from childhood where our parents instilled reading in us. Sharing our views and analysis of the book simply and effectively made us consistent book reviewers. We are pleased to share that recently we were awarded best book reviewer by Cherry Book Awards.

A path cannot be traveled alone and in the blogging world too we have many supporting fellow bloggers who are now friends and blogging communities that give bloggers the platform to showcase their blogs and connect with bloggers who are miles apart but together in the writing world. 

blogging journey - auraofthoughts

Reaching a milestone marks a celebration to us and writing, sharing our blogging journey is one of the ways where we express our thoughts with you all. 

Do share your views about our blog and 

how your journey has inspired you to move ahead in life.  



  1. Congratulations on 600 posts milestone. Looks like we are pretty close in terms of when we started our blogging journey. The most wonderful feeling about blogging is we get to pour our hearts out in whichever way we want. We are blessed and privileged to have the power of pen. Best wishes for many more milestones.

  2. Wow super awesome. first many many congratulations to both of you for completing 8 successful years of blogging. you have listed some amazing points in this post for making blogging journey successful and luckily I also try to follow the same for being consistent in field. I really loved your blog and fond of versatile content that you offer for us.

  3. This is so commendable you both marked 8 amazing and glorious years in this industry. Happy to know a sister duo behind this blog who are not only compassionate about their work but also helpful!!

  4. Wow. This is great. Thank you for sharing your amazing story. It's an inspiration for us too. Congratulations for completing 8 years. Loved your content.

  5. If I talk about my blogging journey then it has helped me to express myself and has made me habitual to keep myself updated about a lot of things and fields. Achievements, well they are just part of the journey, they don't stop it or make any change in the path.

  6. Congratulations for achieving this wonderful milestone. I agree experimenting with things and being consistent in writing takes you long way.

  7. Manisha - 600 is a big milestone and wishing you heartiest congratulations to cross it and my best wishes for future.

  8. Congratulations dear!! Thanks for sharing the 5 ethos that kept you going. Mine is one yr old blog and this will surely help me to be motivated. Best wishes for many more milestones.

  9. Wow this is great post and well writing article. I am glad you shared that How Blogging evolved us in Life. Life is important. I will try to follow this. I really loved it. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Omg congratulations on completing 8years in blogging and 600 posts.. that is some number that inspires bloggers like me to continue this journey of penning thoughts. Thanks for sharing tips that you learnt from your fab journey.

  11. Nice to read about your blogging journey and the milestones. Blogging is definitely a great way for inner transformation as well as influencing others through the power of the word.

  12. Many congratulations on your achievements, sister-duo. You both are most inspiring people I have met virtually, thanks to blogging. More power to you and many more achievements to you in the future.

  13. Blogging is very personal and must not be tied to personal achievements. After all it is the journey that counts, not the destination, right?

  14. Congratulations on completing so many years in blogging. Its really nice to learn about your journey and how you have evolved. I have had a huge learning curve myself because of blogging.

  15. Blogging for me is a blessing and trust me it helped me in growing as a writer and offered me the space and opportunity to bring my opinion in limelight.

  16. Congratulations. That is an impressive blogging journey for you both. Really blogging gives us so much scope to grow professionally and over all as a human being by connecting with people and sharing ideas and thoughts.

  17. I resonate with all your sentiments here. Blogging is a wonderful journey and I find it so therapeutic and creative. It brings so much satisfaction and joy. More power to you and congrats on the awards.

  18. I am so so happy to read about your blogging journey Meenal and its indeed inspiring for many who are looking to begin fresh. Even I had started some 6 years ago and my website has been my most favorite place. Its my peace and solace.

  19. Congratulations girls. I admire your work and the consistent efforts that go behind this wonderful blog. Keep growing

  20. Amazing journey! It's true that it takes a lot of patience to see your blog grow but if your commitment to it is there and you know within yourself the value of what you are doing and how it can help those people who are able to read your content, then every sweat of hard work is worth it! Congratulations on the fruits of your hard work! Cheers to more articles! Take care of your body and it will take care of you. Make sure to do your Self-Care daily!😉

  21. Congratulations in achieving great milestone. It really take lots of patience and hard work to be at this place. Really motivational also.

  22. Consistency is what I lack these days.i have to concentrate on my work and be more consistent. You are an inspiration

  23. You both are so inspiring
    Passion for writing is what I love the most in you. Keep going. And keep growing

  24. Supportive is one synonym that I would love to give you both.i ha e never come across a more upfront blogger. Lots of love

  25. Wow congratulations. 600 is a bog milestone. Cheers to more blogging. Keep growing.

  26. This is so inspirational for all the other bloggers. Many congratulations to you on completing 8 years of blogging.


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