Tuesday 14 September 2021

Poetry : Solace hidden in a Box

find solace near you - auraofthoughts

U tiptoed in my life quiet and calm

New place to adjust and find warmth

Your shining contour gleamed so bright

Connection with U was a super delight

Me just stared you from afar

A little hesitant with confused altar

I wished a smooth journey with smile

Shared my lonely stories with pride

U always attracted and called many times

Soft and resonating your speech like a chime

U too had much to share and showcase

Colorful stories from past and present instance.

That cupid bow atlast was struck

Channelled me to new woods and husk

Me slowly gathered courage to sit near you

Dwelled in talks that seemed magical hue

Slowly I drifted away from the outside world

Only resonated in my mind were your musicals

I often laughed and cried with U

Found solace that was overdue

U Me U, we make a great pair

My TV you transported me in your glare

to a world that looked so fair

I left all my worries for you to take care.

In life, sometimes what we need a deviation so that when we bounce back to carry on life with greater zeal. And at times, we do not want all the learnings or teachings, we just need a detour so that we can listen to our inner voice, and a piece of entertainment can do that. A TV airs diverse subjects, it gives you answer, sometimes makes you smile or it can happen you watch a show/movie and let all emotions outflow through tears.

At times materialist items can also give you a quantum of comfort to rejuvenate in roller coaster life.

This post is a part of UMEU Poetry Bloghop #UMeUBlogHop organised by Manas Mukul . The hop is brought to you by Soul Craft & You, Me & the Universe. 



  1. It is important to find relationships beyomd human too, very well put

  2. Loved the light-hearted innocence of your poem.
    Sometimes, we are do bogged down by fge complexities of life, that a simple distraction like a TV serial or a good book provides the much needed respite.

    Cheers to small pleasures like these! :)

  3. Actually you are right buddy, a TV indeed is v under rated, it does help us by deviating our mind from every day worries.

  4. Though we call it an idiot box but sometimes it can do wonders. I agree it sometimes helps to reduce stress by distracting us. Very well written.

  5. What a beautiful theme you have chosen! Loved the simple lines that resonates with most of us.

  6. What a pleasant surprise. I was expecting a Hindi one from you two. This was wonderful. I wouldn't have ever thought of using the theme with this perspective. Great one. Brings a smile. Thank you so much for choosing to be a part of the #UMeUBlogHop.

  7. I love how you have humanised the humble television. Till the last line I couldn't guess that you were writing about a TV. This is too good, MeenalSonal.

  8. Yea true till a point in life tv my a place of happiness for me that made me forget that the world is more than what you see. Very different simple yet unique.

  9. Loved the unique thought process, well penned.

  10. That's a sweet relationship with the box that has something for everyone, every mood, every situation and every hour. Loved your take on TV and how it helps to divert our moods. Such simple pleasures can sometimes be relaxing too. #UMeUBlogHop

  11. Very well narrated, sometimes relationships beyond human touch are important for survival.

  12. Very true and I must tell you that reading this poem of yours will surely leave a smile on everyones face. Wonderful use of the theme.

  13. The importance of the existence of TV in our lives, is well penned by you both. I was so engrossed and eager to know that second U of your life, and trust me it brought a sweet smile to my face. Well said, No one wants teaching or preaching every time, a little fun or just changing the channels sometimes play the role of real stress buster.

    Archana Srivastava

  14. An altogether different perspective. True sometimes solace in found in material things. Beautifully brought out

  15. A surprising take on the theme. Loved your poem. Sometimes TV is better than human friends....it entertains and offers comfort too.

  16. What a twist in the end! Like Manas said, I would have never thought of taking theme in this direction. Very nicely done :)

  17. Lovely take on the topic. A TV is surely a companion for many who don't enjoy reading.

  18. That’s an interesting one! Never thought we can write a poem on this topic too. Kudos and it has come out beautifully.
    - Rashi

  19. Creative poem, MeenalSonal!

    Brought a smile at the end :)
    TV has been & is so many people's friend!
    Truly solace hidden in a box!
    Some call it idiot-box!
    But, you are right, this UMeU love-affair won't end :)

  20. Hahaha really loved the twist at the end. Indeed TV is as much a life partner and does deserve some love from us :)

  21. That's an interesting poem. I agree sometimes actually tv become our companion. You expressed this so beautifully.

  22. Wow, TV came as a surprise element, all the while I thought it's a person...well-conceived

    Leela Satyan

  23. Definitely TV and more recently the mobile phones have become our constant companions

  24. Loved the twist at the end! Very clever and well-thought of! Enjoyed this one. You both are AMAZING! Keep writing and spreading joy!

  25. Creative take, Meenal and Sonal. TV was indeed a surprise I wasn't expecting till the end. Entertainment do deserve a praise to unwind us.


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