Sunday 19 September 2021

6 Interesting Indoor Activities for Children

The parenting journey is full of experiences and challenges plus the pandemic made it even more challenging as the boundaries got restricted to the home itself. A child who used to spend an average time of 2 hours in outdoor activities got shrunk to indoor activities. Parents started looking for many activities that can keep a child busy, active and also make them stress-free at the same time. 

Even we as a family tried new activities that helped us to stay indoors with kids merrily that not only paved the way to creativity but also gave a boost to their confidence. Sharing with you all 6 such activities that make our house full of happiness and creative juices flow freely while we perform them with family members.

1. Playing Favorite Music:

Music can be a great mood uplifter on a mundane day, it boosts the energy of the house and makes the routine work sound interesting. Funnily dancing with the kids also builds the bond and eases the stress built on kids due to studies and a constrained environment. Just set your favorite numbers and dance out the stress that was building up.

2. Raising a reader 

Books are a great source of imagination and make children enter the story land that transports them in the world which is full of innovation that in turn helps them to build vocabulary. Purchase various books such as storybooks, coloring books, doodling books to keep them busy and creative at the same time. You can check our book reviews section for the book recommendations.

3. Online games

Playing online games is also one of the great stress buster for kids that fills them with enthusiasm and energy. Looking for the right platform for kids is equally essential as kids have recently explored the huge range of access to it, and finding a place safe and secure so that children can play independently is a huge factor. And keeping this as the main factor we opted for for online gaming time.

a) Explorer-based gaming website: 

With explorer bases online games we need not download any app or look for storage in the phones or other electronic devices which is a huge plus point. 

b) No account or step-up required: 

No account is created or setup required to play games at, this is the good part as a parent you need not worry about the child's details to be entered to play games, and kids can play games safely.

c) Wide variety of games over genres: 

Games from various genres like Comic Games, Educational Games, Sports Games, Pinball games, and many more. Each child can select as per their choice and have playing time that releases the stress.

My elder one likes to play Zombie Typing Game in Education section as she wants to learn to type fast. This game is super cool all the letters come with a sound of bullets and if you are slow at typing then Zombie comes crashing towards you, with each level the speed of Zombie increases and that’s the fun part to type fast.

My younger one likes to play Parade Pranks from the Arcade Classics section and move the wiggling dragon towards the cheese. 

We all have a great time laughing and playing at the same time that’s a good stress buster.  

Also, the Math Boy game has different mathematical operations and kids need to answer them, with each level the difficulty level increases; so it is fun plus learn games and that’s a win-win for the parents and children.

d) Games with backdrop and story theme for kids:

 Each game has a background and theme for kids to understand the game well. Now my child know about Chinese new year and dragons with the Parade Pranks. Also each game has detailed information on how to play the game in simple manner. 

4. DIY crafts

Creating new stuff from the DIY crafts gives a boost to the confidence of the children which also helps them to imbibe resourcefulness. These crafts can be made from reusable products, and children can develop a recycling process that helps us to contribute to the environment. These crafts of a circle that add value to the home décor are made from plastic plates, clothes cut-outs. The joy of seeing a new product is all together with a beautiful experience.

5. Storytelling session

Storytelling session builds the concentration of the child and makes them relaxed while listening to the stories that are infused with a bundle of expressions. These sessions not only build children's interest in folk tales and life lessons but also begin to express their thoughts more generously. My children have attended few story telling sessions by Storyteller Kshamata Mandana Chepuri of Katha&Krafts and thoroughly enjoyed the sessions. 

6. Cooking simple recipes

Cooking is a life skill that needs to be learned and we all can start with no-flame recipes at first for younger kids and then simple recipes for grown-ups. Baking a cake or mixing the batter for the pancake or multi-grain dosa batter can be exciting for kids. 

Ultimate Resolution:

Parents and caregivers try their best to make a child happy and create the surroundings so that childhood is full of cheerfulness, and for that, we have to create and involve children in activities that release stress. A happy mind can create innovative art, mingle with peers, and is eager to learn in comparison to the stressful mind that looks for escapism. Walt Disney says, “Happiness is a state of mind. It’s just according to the way you look at things”; so let us make our kids happy so that they can create a happy future.



  1. ohh yes, we need options to keep kids entertained when they are indoors. I have also tried and same as your kiddo, mine also like the prank parade. This site has many good options. And the best part for me is it is a browser based platform.

  2. These are some great indoor activities suggestions dear and luckily I follow most of these with my girls. DIYs and crafting are all my time favorite and we always had loads of fun and learning while doing these. is a good gaming website. I had visited this few months ago and loved the versatile collection of games.

  3. Cooking and reading are our favorite things to do together. I have no idea about online games, this post surely gave me options for when my son grows up.

  4. With online classes my kids hardly get time and if they do I would prefer anything away from screen so reading, story tellinh , cooking are some great options.

  5. Times have really changed and keeping kids creative and entertained is so important. Glad I got to read your post and see the options.

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