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Movie Review : Cinderella musical 2021 by Kay Kennon: Breaking stereotypes

Cinderella is a fairy tale that has been known to the world for many decades and it has been retold many times with a storyline ‘Cinderella who lives with her stepmother and step sisters wishes to visit the palace but her stepmother denies it, still she visits the royal ball with help of fairy Godmother, meets the prince, her glass shoe is left at the palace and the prince finds Cinderella with the help of shoe, marries the prince and happily ever after ending'. 

This storyline has been retold various times with the message of kindness, courage, and hope. The main virtue of watching the famous fairy tale is not to expect anything new as the storyline is known for many years and viewers have pre-notion of the final message too but this Cinderella musical will surprise you. 

cinderella moview review- auraofthoughts

How Cinderella musical is different from other Cinderella 

Girls made to shun important responsibilities

Girls are type-casted and are made to perform certain duties but they are capable of more of it. Princess Gwen had improved strategies to minimize poverty and also to use wind energy instead of coal but King and their courtiers refused to listen to her. Cinderella is a designer and wants to sell her designs by owning a shop in the market but she cannot own it being a woman. Queen wishes to express her decisions but is made to realize that she has no right to speak against the king. 

Love comes next to a career

When the prince proposes to cinderella, she gives priority to her career as a dress designer and shares her desire to become a designer first than holding the prince's hand walking the royal path. 

Everyone is not evil from the beginning

In cinderella 2021, the stepmother shares her journey to become a headstrong woman to answer to the society that treats a lone woman with judgmental questions. She is evil but also wants to protect cinderella saying that the world is eviler out and she is protecting herself from those people.

Musical narration

As the name suggests the movie is fully powered with music by Mychael Danna; Jessica Weiss‎. The movie starts with the song ‘the rhythm nation’ and builds a high tempo for the viewers that builds an instant connection. Each twist and phase of the story is coupled with the song and music of each one is catchy. There are total 16 songs that are foot tapping and each one is sung to the best by various artists. The song narrates the story with a strong message that positively takes the forward. My favorite song is ‘Am I wrong’


 Humorous touch in the movie:

One cannot miss the humour tidbits in the movie and the best one was when Cinderella sits on King's father statute to get the better view of the royal family. Humour keeps the movie going smoothly on emotional level and the message does not get too overwhelm to the viewers.

The stupendous cast of Cinderella 

Cinderella Camila Cabello 

Camila has played the character of cinderella with ease, the charm on her face and the naughty smile on her face when she speaks to her pets gives us a soft corner towards her and her passion expressed towards designing dresses is incomparable. Her voice in the songs is magical and mesmerizes the audience. 

Prince Robert Nicholas Galltizine

Nicholas wishes his father to understand his feelings as a father first and not as the king. He wishes to pursue his music but is often mocked for it. Nicholas plays a charming prince that everyone will fall for.

Fabulous Godmother Billy Robert

In this movie, there is a fabulous godmother than a fairy godmother. Billy Robert acting skills are at par when he designs one of cinderella design for her, that part in the movie is favorite one. 

Other casts such as Idina Menzel played as Vivian stepmother and Minnie driver as queen, Pierce Brosnan as king are best to their part.

cinderella musical review - auraofthoughts

Cinderella 2021 : Breaking Stereotypes

Cinderella musical 2021 makes you believe to dream and fulfil them in the real world without depending on others. Each song will ring in your mind in a loop and I am sure you will sway along with them. The movie is available on amazon prime video and can be watched by children and adults too. We have watched it once and coming weekend we are going to watch it again.  If you are looking for a fresh perspective on the fairy tale cinderella then this movie will fit your expectations.

Cinderella breaks stereotypes by choosing self than marriage and royalty and price choose to be a common man than prince to pursue his dreams, princess wishes to rule the kingdom with her innovative ideas, queen wants to express her point of view in front of king and not just sit as piece of furniture. This inspiring version of Cinderella speaks volumes about individuality.

Do you like to see a fairy tale or a folk tale with a twist?

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Share your thoughts about Cinderella story with us in the comments section.

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  1. Oh I remember seeing this trailer while we were looking for something else and I was wondering why I did not recall watching it. Now I know that I didn't bother looking at the year it was made. Hahaha! Good I'll watch with my daughter soon!

  2. Yes, breaking stereotypes is one thing that we badlty need from failry tales. We no longer need damsels in distress we need strong princesses

  3. love the folk tale with twist. I have seen the movie it is amazing.

  4. I watch this movie some days before I love the movie because Cinderella want to be designer, and choose the career then love. As you said about music. Music gave this movie a new live.
    Thank you for sharing this post.

  5. Heard a lot about Cinderalla Musical. Will watch it with my daughter after her exams. Right now its exam time so focus is on that.

  6. We need more such movies that could change the narrative of the so called fairy tales that have such problematic storylines. The world today needs this change. I am planning to watch it this weekend.

  7. After reading this review, I have to watch it soon. Thanks for this.

  8. Seems to be a nice movie...will watch this movie soon Prime Video with my family soon...

  9. Wow this seems like a good movie as lot of people have criticised the original cinderalla . Would love to watch this movie with my daughter.

  10. I have seen this movie last weekend with kids. Bedtime stories/ fairy tales is the right place to break stereotypes. We nurture the generation on biased opinions.
    Apart from the decisions of cindrella in the movie I liked the twist they have shown in the relationship she has with her step mother.

  11. I so wanted to watch this movie with my kids but just not finding time. Thanks for the review, as holidays are around the corner will watch this for sure.

  12. I watched this movie trailer but totally forgot to watch it! Your post reminded me to catch up.

  13. Wow! thanks for sharing the review of movie Cindrella musical. i have not watched it yet nor considered to watch soon. But honestly your review is pushing me to watch it soon.

    Archana Srivastava

  14. wow..I loved this modern Cinderella. We have been so used to of watching the old Cinderella that this new version will be a delight. I will watch it with my daughter. Loved the song "Am I wrong".

  15. I had read your post at a perfect time. it is friday evening here and I was in search for watching some cool movie during weekend. I would love to watch this one to know the twist to famous cinderella tale. your review was crisp and to the point.

  16. I am no fan of musicals but I would love to watch this modernistic and humorous take on the old classic tale of Cinderella!

  17. Perfect ! Now we can plan to see this movie after your review and recommendation.

  18. My daughter has watched this movie twice and loved it. I happened to watch a few snippets while working and thought it was very good for her too. When we talked, she said the best part was that Cinderella went on a tour of the world and made new gowns as she wanted and did not just marry the Prince which I think it very thought provoking. Nice review.

  19. Wow! A classic fairy tale with a modern twist and breaking stereotypes too... now, that's what we truly need in the current times. Sounds super interesting. Would love to watch it.

  20. This potrayal just struck a chord with my teen daughter. And its about time to change that perception of girls and beauty

  21. Good to see Cinderella wants to become something more than meeting her prince charming. I have not watched it yet, will check it out

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  28. It is truly a rule breaker. Love the story line.

  29. I've heard so much about the movie and your review tempts me to watch it with my daughter. Will do so soon. #MyFriendAlexa #TinasPicks


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