Thursday 9 September 2021

How and Why to celebrate festivals in an eco-friendly manner

The festive season is here, and so it marks the beginning of the positivity, laughter, and loads of preparations in the house begins. Many feel the buzzword of eco-friendly products starts as soon as the festive season embarks but the reality is the environment-friendly products are around the year only now, we focus on them. 

Most of us understand the importance of eco-friendly products or habits that can help the environment to retain mother nature but many times fail to reach the right channel. It is a proven fact that collective effort at a single time brings in the change, and that is the reason it is pleaded again and again by the environmentalist to make the wise decision during festivals. Mother Teresa aptly explained the scenario in the brilliant quote “None of us, including me, ever do great things. But we can all do small things, with great love, and together we can do something wonderful”.

festivals with environment care - MeenalSonal

What are eco-friendly products?

Eco-friendly products are products that are made from natural ingredients and when disposed they do no harm to the environment. These products help to conserve energy and balance the natural elements of air and water. The manufacturing of eco-friendly items is done in a manner that supports green living and also lessens the burden on the environment.

Many companies are following the pro eco ways in their manufacturing and industries are taking an active change for the betterment of the green area. A common man after understanding the importance of the environment has started switching to products and ways that are good for balancing nature yet many fail to do so; let us understand why they do it so.

Why people do not choose eco-friendly products

We all are educated with the fact that by switching to environmentally friendly habits we are creating a future that will be filled with the goodness of nature still many do not adapt to any changes because.

  • The prices of eco-friendly products are slightly higher.
  • Natural products do not have the shine or finish as synthetically made products.
  • Availability of the product can be difficult at times.
  • People are unaware of the brands and companies that deal in natural products.
  • Semi-natural products are sold in the market that confuses the buyers.

Buyers get confused at the festival time and tend to make choices that end up adding liability to the conservation of the earth. In this post, we are sharing simple and doable ways to celebrate the festival.

4 ways to celebrate festivals in an environment-friendly manner

1. Use of natural ingredients

Adding natural colors to the décor, food can help us eliminate all the artificial paints that make the things hard to dissolve in water and land. Using oil lamps and lights instead of candles can pave the way to a huge change in life. 

2. Choosing biodegradable products

Right from the gifts to items that are required to cater to the festival smoothly, we can make the right choice so that environment does not lose its balance. Gifts can be packed in a paper bag instead of fancy glossy bags that are made of plastic. A thin colored plastic film sheet can be avoided on the sweet boxes. Choosing natural flowers over artificial ones is also one of the ways to make the worship area look more beautiful and vibrant. There are many online and offline stores that offer sustainable gifting ideas which are unique in own style.

3. Disposing of the used materials

Generally, we see a huge pile of non-biodegradable waste landing in the landfills and also ponds and lakes are filled with waste materials that keep floating on the shore and make the water contaminated too. The flower waste can be disposed of in the garden area or a wet waste for it to get decomposed. On Ganesh Chaturti, one can select the tree Ganesha made up of soil and on visarjan day you can water it and, in few weeks it grows into plant. 

4. Decorating the house with amazing DIY

With so many craft ideas floating a family can dedicate time to create DIY crafts that in turn can be used as décor. You can check simple and vibrant DIY and choose according to your taste, be it DIY wall décor or DIY floor rangoli patterns madeup of cardboard. 

By using the above methods, we can take effective steps towards saving the environment and become green ambassadors besides we can set an example to our kids, friends, and families.  

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  1. You are correct, eco-friendly products are slightly expensive and people don't want any additional expense during festive season. But going up with our own ideas can help. Stating with flowers. I have heard people saying that free flowers go waste the next day so they buy plastic garlands to use them ever year. But fresh flowers can be used in gardens as you said. I am going to make some diy for this festive season.

  2. Such a relevant post, it is great that you have tried to raise awareness among people during festival time to make right choices. Yes many people did not prefer the eco friendly products because of their look and less shine but I hope they understand that these products are really good for our environment and choosing them is a right decision that they can make for themselves and for environment both.

  3. True Sonal! It is so important to switch to eco-friendly ways of celebrating festivals. Though they could be little expensive, but some initiatives from our end, will give a new outlook to this generation, while saving our environment.

  4. I think the price factor plays a very important role. Like even in healthy food items. They are expensive, so even if people are aware of it, they resort to eating their own ghar ka type khana though it may be totally unhealthy.

  5. These are some amazing ideas to love our mother earth. Going natural should be applied in all walks of life. Brilliant ideas you have shared

  6. Disposing the used material is what we should primarily take care off. The debris create unbelievable havoc.I totally agree with every point that you have raised.

  7. It is the high time people should switch to eco-friendly festival celebration or decoration. It will be helpful for environment and our surroundings.

  8. We also try to celebrate festivals in the house in ecofiendly manner. We got a clay ganesha that is now in a flower pot after visarjan. You have mentioned some very good pointers.

  9. From choosing herbal gulal on Holi, candles on Diwali to having mud Ganesha during Ganpati , the options for eco friendly ways of celebrating are gradually increasing. We really need to cut down on mindless spending and go back to more environment saving ways.

  10. Great post Meenal Sonal ! We know the why of celebrating festivals in eco-friendly way , the how is important . We need more pocket friendly options now.

  11. These are some great ideas. It's actually high time we realize how we have been damaging the environment over the years and make the changes into something much more sustainable.

  12. Absolutely need of the hour. When we celebrate festivals we should also take into consideration the environmental harm we bring in terms of materials for food, decor or whatever we purchase. This is an eye opener for many


  13. Indian festivals are all about fun, great food, and lots of fun. But as you rightly mentioned, people get carried away and make all the wrong choices. You have shared some great tips to stick to the place and have the best of Holi.

  14. We all need to be equally responsible and play every festival in a way that it not affect our ecosystem...loved the tips

  15. Great pointers! Celebration of festivals following sustainable and eco-friendly methods to protect the environment is the need of the hour.

  16. Eco-friendly products are in vogue this festival season. All of us should take some responsibility towards saving our environment and becoming green ambassadors throughout the year.


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