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The Future of Education in India – Why Are We Excited?

Everything around us is constantly changing. But one prominent change, especially in the pandemic era, is the current education system. With the world moving towards a norm where almost everything is online-based, teaching systems are also transforming with new reforms under the New Education Policy, and hopefully, this will bring about many bright changes to develop the future of India. 

How change developed in the Education System:

The world is in the second year of the COVID-19 pandemic, and people around the globe are trying their best to normalize life while accepting the challenges of physical distancing. We all are working with grit and determination to continue to learn, and students are showing their eagerness towards accepting the new forms of learning. One change in the education system that is evident is that each student is made to balance their studies while having to learn new traits of technology. Students are forced to juggle education with technology. 

How NEP 2020 will benefit future India:

We have focused on many sections of NEP 2020 in our #EducationForAll series and I would like to highlight on how the Education sector is gearing towards a bright future for students in India. Under the NEP 2020, all rural areas are to get connected with online education, so that no student is deprived of knowledge and the chance to learn from experts. Now students in the villages can listen to and learn from professors and teachers from universities far from home. Education can bring a change in perspectives of students regardless of their background. The highlighted points of NEP 2020 visions for the growth of the education field, resulting in the growth of each aspiring student who can manifold the growth of our nation. To build a nation with a progressive approach, NEP 2020 will certainly need tremendous work done by all the people in the education field.

future of Indian education - MeenalSonal

Let us focus on how India is emerging in the EdTech world and ranking high with all its efforts.

The Indian EdTech Market:

Since ancient times, India has been a land of education. Education is one liberating force that can uplift the quality of life of a vast majority of our people.  The NEP has set ambitious goals for the same. EdTech– an amalgamation of Education & Technology will definitely be a great tool to take this forward. 

Although technology has been paving its way in education for the last few decades, the COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in a drastic upward shift in this chart.  

In the past 24 months, the EdTech market has seen over 400 plus start-ups, all promising to deliver information on various education sectors.

One of the EdTech companies that has gained popularity in the recent past by keeping students engaged in the education sector constructively is BYJU’S online classes.

BYJUS online learning - MeenalSonal

BYJU’S e-learning platform

BYJU’S is an Indian online platform that imparts education in various fields and marks the future of students in the EdTech era. BYJU’S is bridging the gap of physical distance by teaching students through the online platform and helping them understand concepts step by step with ease.

Students can opt for various courses and enrol in the course they desire.

Students can learn at the pace at which they prefer or are comfortable with.

With a one-to-one teaching method, students do not feel the need to fight for attention in class, and the attention of the teacher is undivided for the students.

With Disney BYJU’S Early Learn, younger students can understand the foundation of concepts in an engaging and interactive way so that they don’t get bored with dull backgrounds on the screen. 

One of the important features of BYJU’S is that they deliver lessons in regional languages as well, which allows students from every region to connect to this platform and gain maximum benefits. This feature helps all students who are in rural areas to opt to understand concepts in the language of their choice.

BYJU’S CSR Initiative helps students to obtain donated electronic devices that are that will help students to learn through online mediums. Such initiatives will bridge the economic gap for keen learners that will help the motto #EducationForAll to be a success.

The online learning system is, in my opinion, here to stay even in a post-pandemic world. It has also successfully paved the pathway for less-fortunate students to obtain education. In the near future, a hybrid model will be implemented that will be an amalgamation of both online and offline learning – this will allow students to learn from the comforts of their home from the best teachers in the nation. 

No matter what changes our lives go through, one constant is the need for education and I believe that education is one flag that needs to be kept flying high at all times. 

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  1. I heard about BYJU'S but didn't know about the Disney BYJU'S Early Learn. Online learning has helped students not to be affected due to the cover situation. It gave them an opportunity to continue their studies.

  2. Current situation has really impacted on kids education and yes BYJU'S Disney had no information about it thank you for sharing.

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  5. This year has been all bout online learning and Byjus has been doing wonderful in this segment. I have friends who have used Byjus for their kids and had praises for it. I am also planning to get my daughter on board with Byjus

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