Tuesday, 6 April 2021

Tree's pedagogy of Life with Significant Lessons

Day by day it grows

Elongates at end, so is shadows

Branches bloom to balance

Each one in unique manner

Yet same with strong roots

I am LIFE that springily shoots

In air to fathom the dreams.

tree poetry on Life - MeenalSonal

Innocence vanishes with time

Mankind hypocrisy overshadows

When I look at foundation

Soon there is beam of realization

Again, gathering courage, I stand

With will strong I can gauge

With past reflections I pledge to shine.

Each bud transforms in blissful flower

Tons of efforts, care is showered

New surroundings grab attention

Few resists change, few take flight

Few return to share, few never care.

Yet I wish each one abundantly

Happiness in their path and some for me.


For some I am a relief

But for few, a hurdle, a barrier

I forgive the self-absorbed, as I always do

Recurrent compelling belief I instill

Panoramical LIFE divulge surprises

Stay strong, stay tall and composed

Like a tendril withstanding gust of wind.

Life lessons poetry - MeenalSonal

Sharing this Free Verse poetry with Poets & StoryTellers United for the prompt Trees in Weekly Scribblings#63



  1. A fascinating way of looking at it – and how true.

  2. Tree are both relief and beauty to me--and yes, teacher too as you point out. It always makes me sad to see one cut down needlessly.

  3. Its so beautifully penned. Nature teaches us so many things. I have a wall decal in my living room which also talks about how our family is lie the tree branches that grown in different direction having one common roots..

  4. This is just a nice way to ponder yoru thoughts and connecting it this way. Loved the poem.

  5. I must confess, it took me a few times to get the feeling and meaning of these beautiful lines. It really is so true how a tree is a reflection of the way of living.

  6. This is really beautifully penned down. Nature is the ultimate teacher, it is where the flow of life shows itself on a vast and incredible scale.

  7. What a deeply expressive way of looking at life. Trees stand tall as life passes by.

  8. There is a lot we can learn from nature. Beautifully woven poem.

    -Ujjwal Mishra MywordsMywisdom

  9. Loved the finale. Stay strong, stay tall and composed like a tendril against the gust of wind. Amazingly apt for today!

  10. Trees and plants are the essence of life, rather life itself. There is much to learn from them. Resilience, patience, strength.

  11. Oh wow.This was beautiful. I love how nicely you have put forward the life journey of a flower. Keep rhyming

  12. This is beautiful dear, I REALLY LOVED THE WEAVE, so true and the ending is bang on

  13. I love the way you have captured the emotions and it is just on point. Keep writing such poems!!

  14. I love tress and plants and it really saddens me when I see them being cut off to grow the concrete jungle. You have captured the true emotions. Lovely writing.

  15. This is a poetic musing with a musical notes. Loved if totally. I could imagine the tree, connect it with my life. Lovely

  16. Loved the way you penned it. The vibes are so pure , wonderful write up

  17. Trees are the huge relief and blessing on earth and we should just preserve them for a better life ahead. Loved the poetry

  18. Indeed tress has so many things to offer us. We all should learn to pull ourselves together no matter what the situation is

  19. What a lovely poem, really a nice description of life. There is so much philosophy of life in it. Especially liked the lines, "Innocence vanishes with time."

  20. So beautifully written. Yes nature teaches us a lot and I do not like trees being cut. Trees teach us Such important lessons of life.


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