Wednesday, 20 October 2021

How consuming Dark Chocolate makes people Happy

One cannot think well, love well, sleep well if one has not dined well, Virginia Woolf has very aptly stated the relationship between food and mental health. We cannot deny that when a person eats favorite food, the sense organs work in sync, and mood is stabilized respectively. 

Apart from the food we eat, desserts also play a huge role in stimulating our brain. If you have ever consumed chocolate you will know the smile and happiness that starts the moment you place it in your mouth. The sweetness plays a huge role and the after effect on it the body too. 

1. Chocolate triggers a happy feeling
The body produces endorphins when there is an intense workout or laughter; you will also be glad to know that eating dark chocolate also produces endorphins that make us happy.
2. Decreases stress and boost mood
Research says that chocolate stimulates neural activity in the brain that in turn decreases stress and also makes mood good. 
3. Decreases weight
It may surprise you but studies tell that if dark chocolate is consumed in moderation helps you lose appetite that in turn helps you to reduce weight; this gives you one more reason to be happy while having your favorite dessert.
4. Happiness hormone 
The happiness hormone that is the mood-elevating substance of serotonin is produced when chocolate is consumed.
So now you know why the cry face turns happy when you eat chocolate and why the smile never fades when we have these yummy chocolates.
The main question that arises is which chocolate is good for health that will serve all the benefits to the brain and the body. For that we need to look for chocolates, that has variety, good combination of true ingredients. I came across Bee Tee’s Melt website that has chocolates 
Has raw materials as ingredients that are mentioned on the product packaging
No artificial flavors or preservatives used
Gluten-free and Soya free
I ordered three varieties of chocolates which are 

Bee Tee’s Melt 48% milk chocolate: 

It has cacao beans, brown sugar, cocoa butter, milk. It may taste less sweet than normal chocolate but it is healthy for the body, and you will not have any guilt by having it.

Bee Tee’s Melt 54% Coconut milk chocolate: 

If you are thinking that the chocolate will smell or taste like coconut, then you are wrong. It tastes so good that a person who does not eat coconut will also have the best of it in this chocolate bar.

Bee Tee’s Melt 72% dark chocolate with pal sugar: 

This was true dark chocolate and my kids were surprised to have as to date all the dark chocolates had artificial sugar but Bee Tee’s Melt Dark chocolate has palm sugar that serves positively to the body.
I am sure if you are looking for chocolates that you can have without second thoughts and guilt-free then these chocolates are the best bet. 
Chocolate is the best comfort food that we can have at any time of the day, and at any time, then you have to stock few chocolates at home and have it with your friends and family. 


  1. I am not a big fan of Dark chocolate. But yes, I agree, dark chocolate has many benefits. I have never tasted coconut milk chocolate. Sounds interesting.

  2. I am hearing a lot about this brand all across the web. seems like a much healthier option to try and enjoy. I really liked the fact that it is gluten free and free from artificial preservatives.

  3. Reading the benefits makes me want to develop a taste for dark chocolate. Even the brand suggestion seems amazing

  4. I love dark chocolate and have tried many varieties including Gluten-free ,sugar-free etc.Palm sugar is too calorie dense so I am going to try the coconut milk ones.

  5. I recently tried BeeTee’s Melt Chocolates too! Dark chocolate is my favourite flavour - for this company and in general too!

  6. Wow this post is no less than a delight for all the dark chocolate lovers like me. I am glad knowing many beneficiary attributes of it.

    Archana Srivastava

  7. I love dark chocolates and knowing so many benefits I think I can indulge more. Haha.. Need an excuse. But thanks for sharing this.


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