Tuesday, 12 October 2021

True Relationship - Micro Fiction

true relationship story of sisters- meenalsonal

“You did it, I shall inform mother”, Tanu in assertive tone

“Do you think they will trust you”, Ruhi reverted ironically.

“You outsider, why you act as owner of the house. My wish, I will do what I like”, Ruhi picked up the pouch again.

“You may not consider me as elder sister but I do consider you as my younger one”, spoke Tanu holding her tears.

“Poor adopted girl!”, Ruhi said these three words again.

“She is my daughter and owns each right", mother patted Tanu while snatching the drug pouch from Ruhi.

That day, Tanu’s life changed forever.

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  1. Manisha - Loved this micro-fiction, it was powerful and so well penned.

  2. Just in 7 dialogues, you conveyed some deep emotions here. Sometimes, a warm pat on the back can convey many unspoken feelings.

  3. This is such a heart touching tale. Loved it.

  4. Very interestingly done. You have managed to convey so much in such few words. Very impressive indeed.

  5. Adoption is so hard to accept for many people. My friend and cousin have adopted and they are living normally like everyone else. Their love for their children is even more than those who judge their decisions.

  6. My daughter keeps saying she will adopt and I am sure she will one day. You shared the tale well in such a short post.


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